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BrakeFree is a Smart Brake Light For Motorcyclists

brake free light

Motorcycle riders come in varied shapes, sizes, and colors. You have the kind of bikers who ride Harley, then you have the younger riders. And then other people- the husbands, wives, fathers and mothers who just enjoy riding a bike. Safety is the most important thing on any motorcycle riders mind. Safety should be the first and foremost security issue in every motorcycle rider’s mind.

Smart LED Brake Light.

All motorcycles come from the factory with brake lights. But in most instances, those brake lights aren’t at eye level. If you’re riding a lower profile motorcycle and there’s a full-sized SUV behind you, it could turn into a disaster. The driver can barely see your helmet through the windshield, much less your brake lights. That’s why the founder of BrakeFree- Alex Arkhangelskiy created this amazing product. You can pre-order BrakeFree on Indiegogo.

No Wired Connection.

BrakeFree is the first high visibility accessory for motorcycle helmets with wireless brake detection technology. It is an ultra bright smart LED brake light that instantly improves a motorcycle’s visibility. It easily mounts on the back of the helmet you own. Its sensors work automatically to let others know whenever you slow down. It could be braking, engine braking, or downshifting. BrakeFree doesn’t require a wired installation or connected apps. Brake Free is simply a smarter way to be seen.

Brake Free is able to detect 3 types of braking and respond accordingly:

  • Regular Braking: The regular braking includes front or rear brakes.
  • Engine Braking: decelerating without touching your brake levers is done in engine braking.
  • Emergency Braking: Emergency braking triggers special light pattern.

Continuous Flash Mode.

BrakeFree is not just a passive LED light that is constantly on, this is what makes it special. In this case, it’s on the continuous flash mode. BrakeFree responds to how you ride. It then alerts everyone around you when you are slowing down. This makes you even more visible at the crucial point to prevent being rear-ended.

This mode can be used as a hazard light. You can still wear it during this mode. In this, the light will function normally letting others know when you’re slowing down by glowing brighter. And it’s just as easy to turn off. A simple press and hold the one button for 3 seconds to turn off the unit.

Easy To Attach.

Brake Free easily attaches to almost any helmet with the use of strong neodymium magnets. This allows you to quickly remove Brake Free and put it on your other helmet and/or passenger’s helmet.

Brake Free is easy to turn on even with gloves. Thanks to its one-touch button. When it does turn on, it flashes to indicate its battery level:

  • 3 flashes = 75-100% battery
  • 2 flashes = 30-60% battery
  • 1 flash = < 30% battery

Can Go Up To 8 Hours.

When it is time to charge Brake Free, simply use the included micro-USB cord to fully charge it in 2 hours. The brake lights can go up to 8 hours per charge. They mount magnetically and have a weather resistant design.