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Bragi Dash – The Wireless Earbuds that Puts You in Control of your Audio Preferences!

Bragi Dash

As Hviid and his team at Bragi made a big splash on Kickstarter some months back with their incredible wireless “smart headphones,” it was hard not to be cynical. And to cap it with features for playing music automatically, track heart rate and oxygen saturation, divert ambient sound and control it with simple gestures, it was too good to be true.

Now, after two and a half years of development, Bragi’s wireless earbuds are ready and pre-orders are getting done fast.

Does it Revolutionise the Audio Experience?

Bragi Dash takes swipes on the left bud, and they transform from isolating headphones to hearing aids in a trice. One can just flip off the music or hear it normal so that you can hear the ambient sound too. Once you get calls on your smartphones, just shake your head to reject the call or nod to accept it right then.

This is an interactive device and not just a pair of headphones. Bragi Dash works as a platform and a personalized object that uses sensors to understand context. In a virtual conference, you can actually get to hear one you want to listen to, although each one might be saying different things.

The best part about Bragi Dash is that it can discern important noise from everything else. Bragi had previously used Bluetooth to connect two buds to each other. Then they turned to a technology called Near-Field Magnetic Induction that is used in hearing aids for utilizing a low-power magnetic field for transmitting data.

What is Bragi Dash based on?

  • The Dash is a pair of noise-cancelling, touch and gesture-controlled earbuds that can be used as a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, a Bluetooth headset and a smart accompaniment to your smartphone.
  • The taps on the right earpiece helps you control music, while the taps on the left earbud is connected to activity tracking.
  • Tap once to play the first song in memory, tap twice to go through playlists, swipe up-down for volume control, and left-right to change tracks you do not want to listen to.
  • Pushing buds deeper inside ears can result in ugly sounds and can be painful too. The gesture commands are not quite intuitive although the makers say they are.
  • One can just stream music to Dash headphones directly from the phone or tablet and motion controls are expected to have a rein on Dash’s accelerometers.
  • Plans are on from the company to trigger activity tracker just by jumping up and down or a weather report is audible if the user looks at the sky.
  • The working motion control involves pause of music when one of the earbud is removed.
  • The buds also offer noise-cancelation feature from immediate environment which does have a toggle action too with swipes on left earbud.

Backed by nearly 16,000 Kickstarter backers, the company missed successive shipment dates but now they are finally fulfilling pre-orders. Those who opted for the developer option will be presented with the Bragi Dash beta 3. You can tap them to start playing audio.

The Quality and Precision of Bragi Dash

Bragi Dash

The audio is incredibly good which allows users to listen to music as well as have a meaningful conversation with others as the thumps are reduced by background pulse. This mode is perfect when driving a bike, while keeping them aware of surroundings. Both classical and rock music sound rich and great on the buds although that is its primary feature.

Verdict and Pricing

Here is a dream of a product for music lovers who are keen on spending enough for getting the right experience. These are wireless earbuds with touch controls and one can expect better changes within the hardware for a better experience. The buds are on sale at $299.