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Botvac Connected: Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuums need to predict all kinds of obstacle like flooring type, and home design and do all this while carrying around a heavy battery that must power all on-board functions. A robot vacuum’s definition of smart is simply to clean the dust off of your rugs without tumbling down the stairs in the process. This is a reason why so many robot vacuums are jacks of many trades but master of none.

D-shaped Design.

The design is the same, D-shaped cleaner with the same brushrolls, the same accessories, and the same general approach to covering your floors. That approach sends the Botvac out around the circumference of the room. There it will feel its way along the walls with a side-sweeping brush to tidy up the edges. it’ll use its laser-assisted navigation capabilities to sweep back and forth across the center of the room, nimbly dodging your furniture as it goes. After it’s finished, it’ll automatically return to its docking station for a recharge.


Botvac has the default full-powered “Turbo” mode. In addition to that, you can now flip over into a power-saving “Eco” mode, too. With the Eco mode you will lose a little bit of suction power. But the cleaning runs will not drain the battery quickly. The Neato will run a little quieter, too. You can easily switch between modes or set up scheduled cleaning runs by tapping through the settings on Neato’s color LCD screen. Or you can also just pull up the Neato app on your Android or iOS device.

Neato App.

The Neato app is a great new addition to the Botvac event. This is also a big reason why this vacuum costs $200 more than the previous generation. The app is pretty amazing. It’s clean-looking and easy to use. You will have to start by activating the Wi-Fi radio on the vacuum itself. It will then broadcast a signal that your smart phone can join up with. From there, you can go back into the app and reselect your home Wi-Fi network. After this, you can watch as everything finishes pairing up.

There is another feature in the app. It is a manual cleaning mode that will let you guide the Neato around like a toy car. The controls work well enough. This feature isn’t very useful for more than steering the Neato over to a dirty spot, then switching it over to the automated spot-cleaning mode.

Remote Control.

You can pair the Wi-Fi equipped Neato Botvac Connected with its app on your Android or iOS device and you will be able to easily not just start or schedule the cleaning but also controlling it right from your phone. This is new addition to the brand’s line because none of the other models to date have offered a remote control with any of its cleaners.

Battery Life and Other Aspects.

Spin Flow PowerClean: It has potent suction. It’s precision brushes leave floors flawlessly clean. It picks up dirt, crumbs and dust bunnies. Easy to empty extra-large dirt bin. Best at picking up pet hair.
Cleaning Summary: See where your Neato robot has cleaned. You can also view your Cleaning History and statistics on your last 21 cleaning runs in the Neato app.
Brushes: Neato’s D-shape has a front-brush design with a 50% larger brush that cleans within 14mm of walls and deeper into corners.
Battery: Delivers longer cleaning times up to 120 minutes with Eco mode and up to 90 minutes with Turbo mode.
Automatic Multi-room Cleaning: Multi-room cleaning means the robot cleans all level of home, and goes back to base to recharge and resumes cleaning until the job is done. It works on all floor types.


The Botvac Connected is said to be Neato’s most expensive robot vacuum yet. It costs $200 more than its predecessors in the Botvac D Series. It isn’t just the best Neato yet, but it is the best robot vacuum to date.