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Boosted Dual+ Skateboard – All You Need to Know

Boosted Dual+ Skateboard

Thanks to Boosted Dual+ you can now experience skating through the city streets, campus, or neighborhood as swiftly as you never thought of. Yes, this flexible electrical skateboard will offer the unmatched joy of riding to both the kids and the adults. Power packed with a lithium battery, very powerful motors, energy generating brakes, and easy to maneuver wireless control this exceptionally designed longboard is all set to offer more fun than even an electric vehicle.

What does it offer?

Boosted Dual+ Skateboard comes loaded with powerful features and impressive specs allowing high flexibility, superb strength, and capability to deliver an unparalleled fun filled joyrides.

  • It can accelerate gushingly just in the manner of a sports car. It is backed by a huge 2,000 watts of power.
  • It is presently the only dual-drive system skateboard system capable of accelerating up the hill and bringing the skateboard to a total stop when descending the slope.
  • Advanced software in the skateboard allows easy adjustment of power and speed levels for beginners and advanced skill levels.
  • This electric skateboard has two powerful motors that can deliver up to 22 mph speed.
  • The longboard is built on high-quality fiberglass-reinforced bamboo with Orangatang 75 mm wheels for an unmatched performance.
  • It is capable of carving with skating movements just like a real snowboard. The deck offers immense flexibility.
  • Dual+ skateboard is made in California with high-quality materials like aerospace-grade batteries, advanced grade composites, machined metal, etc.

Key Features that Promises a Joy Ride

  • Capability to deal with sharp inclines made this so different from many others. The riders of this skateboard can go up hills at just 25% grade or even less.
  • It is constructed of truly high-quality materials and components.
  • The skateboard is designed chic and fashionable with bright colors and stylish curves.
  • It comes with regenerative braking that ensures automatic recharging of the battery as and when the brakes are used.  This also ensures longer battery life.
  • It offers maximum adjustable speed allowing ease for users of all ages and skill levels.
  • It comes loaded with wireless remote control allowing maximum flexibility for controlling the board through a wireless controller.
  • Boosted Dual+ Skateboard offers a very flexible longboard allowing maximum ease in skating on the road or other plain surfaces.
  • It is extremely lightweight weighing only around 15 pounds. Most boards with 20mph or better speed weigh 2 or 3 times more than this.
  • The board has fast charging capability allowing charging from zero to full within only 30 minutes.
  • The remote of the skateboard is equipped with LED lights allowing visibility in the dark. The LED display also shows the battery level.
  • Even with a dead battery the skateboard can be ridden just as a regular skateboard.

Dream Come True Experience with Boosted Dual+

All of us at some point of time, feel the pulse of a younger self that loves street-skating. But the idea of riding an electric skateboard with such speed and powerful features seems like a dream come true experience. After experiencing many rides with longboard this is time to take to the streets with an electric skateboard like this. If you are not keen on making stunts while riding a skateboard or if you have little experience in on the road skating, an electric skateboard with powerful features like this can just be the ideal. The brakes taking care of power generation, remote control taking care of smooth movements and the huge capability to handle uphill and downhill movements, all make Dual+ skateboard so special. Just ride on to take a spin and you will understand what it takes to make a joyride with an electric skateboard like this.

Prices starting at $999, these boards still seem to be a luxury item nevertheless. But irrespective of a bit ambitious pricing the skateboard really deserves the recognition of a scientific brilliance. For the unlimited fun filled joyrides in the variety of surfaces, there cannot be better-equipped boards you can name.