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Bonx Grip: Group Talk Simplified with this Bluetooth Earpiece

Bonx Grip

For backpacking adventurers or cyclists on a journey or any outdoor sportsmen grabbing the phone from the pocket just to answer it is a challenging task and Bluetooth earpieces have been popular for just this reason. Well, while they are there for some time now, all-new Bonx Grip offers a far enhanced alternative with great features, high fidelity audio technology, and cool design.

Consisting of a Bluetooth headset and a mobile app, it works like a Walkie-Talkie held in your ear. Developed by the Japan-based company led by Takahiro Miyasaka, Bonx is aimed to make outdoor sportsmen and adventurists connected without needing to reach out for the phone.

What is BONX Grip?

The Bonx Grip is an earpiece headset that allows receiving calls without needing to reach out for the phone device. While being occupied with difficult situations or adventurous engagements you can just take the incoming call without moving a muscle of your body. You can just start talking as the dual microphones of the headset will instantly deliver it to the app followed by sharing it with a group. So, the Bonx Grip performs like a ready to deliver wearable walkie-talkie.

Comfortable Design

Bonx Grip has an outstanding design to grab your ears in all conditions irrespective of the jerking movement common in outdoor sports. It is designed for talk when you are engaged in activities.  There are two big buttons allowing easy volume control. The earphone is designed with open backside to allow hearing surroundings. It is designed to resist water and any harmful shock. Bonx Grip comes in 4 different colors including Black, Grey, Pink and Green.

Tech Specs of Bonx Grip

Bonx Grip is loaded with really impressive tech specs for a reliable performance and high fidelity audio output. Let us have a look at the key specifications of this new gadget.

  • Dual microphone
  • Approx. 15g weight
  • It has a dimension of 44mm width, 18mm depth, and 32mm height
  • It is powered by Lithium polymer battery
  • 9 hrs of uninterrupted play time with a single full charge and nearly 400 hours of standby time
  • It has Dual mode Bluetooth 4.1 for connecting the phone
  • It supports Apple devices ranging from iPhone 5 and later, iPod touch 5th generation and later and devices with Android 4.3 or later


Bonx is designed for outdoor environments allowing robust connectivity to keep in touch with the fellow journeymen or adventurers through a simple mobile app. For ensuring clear audio output in an outdoor environment it has multi-layered wind-noise reduction technology.

To talk about anything that can be perceived as a shortcoming, we must refer to its reliance on cellular coverage. Actually, in the vast majority of places where the adventurers move in for outdoor activities like skiing, rock climbing, cycling, biking, etc. Bonx Grip may just prove to be ineffective.

The best part that the new Bonx Grip offers is obviously the completely hands-free, voice-enabled interface that works far better than any such device that came earlier. Instead of a push-button design as was the case with such devices Bonx Grip allows talking instantly. The wearable technology once again proved to be meaningful for the outdoor action and adventures with Bonx. Do you want it to play radio? Well, yes, in future the device really can make such a possibility come true.

Pre-order Now

Bonx Grip as far as its reception and success in crowdfunding campaign of Indiegogo is concerned, has been tremendously successful. Launched a year ago in Japan following another crowdfunding success, this time, the product is awaiting launch in the global market.

The Bonx Grip is now available on Indiegogo and the early birds can book a Bonx Gip just at $78 for a single earpiece model and $150 for a two-earpiece model. The estimated market price for the device can be something around $139 per headset. Bonx Grip having already fulfilled its crowdfunding goal is going to be shipped from November this year.