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Bonadrone’s Mosquito Drone – The World’s First Customizable and 3D-printed Drone

Bonadrone’s Mosquito Drone

Barcelona-based BonaDrone recently launched the world’s first 3D-printed drone which is customizable and modular in more ways than one.

Here is a drone for which you can print a replacement part at will. Yes, the company will soon be launching the new drone called the Mosquito drone which is actually a modular quadcopter that is made of 3D printed parts aside from the required motors, batteries, and electronics. So now if you happen the break the chassis, you can download the file and print it with a 3D printer in no time. The drone’s creators are keen on building a relevant platform that will be accessed by the user community that will help in shaping future versions of drone technology.

Building a Mosquito Drone

Building one’s own quadcopter would not appeal to drone enthusiasts who have been there, done that. Bonadrone though promises that the new drone fans would not be left out in any way. The modular construction process assures that the makers have included by-step assembly instructions and operating instructions.

The drone includes all parts, except for a camera and a gimbal for shooting smooth HD videos that need to be bought separately. The Mosquito comes in a fully assembled version wherein drone pilots will have to connect its battery to configure the gadget for flying and even the de-assembled version with all pieces included for assembly. Bonadrone wants to implement the drone-flying ideas of its users. The Mosquito “pilots” will be able to submit a plethora of ideas with the voting open for the Drone community.

Customization Levels

There are three levels of customization with the Mosquito drone. The levels involve appearance, color, and the range of accessories to give the drone the functionality that they need. Choosing the gimbal is a default for those interested in photography while the hook will be useful for carrying it anywhere. Buyers can even improve the performance of their Mosquito drone by replacing the carbon fiber, and even enhance the flight controller or even include the number of propellers stretching it into an 8 propeller octocopter from a quadcopter.

BonaDrone’s first UAV is an easy to fly machine with a number of flight modes. There are many features incorporated into the drone like the one-touch landing, where the drone can return to its starting point and even make a safe landing in any situation. The Mosquito can be piloted with the help of a mobile device and the immensely useful Follow Me function. One can set a predefined route in Google Maps itself.

Crowdfunding Approach

  • Bonadrone has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for funding their initiative. Backers have a chance to pre-order BonaDrone’s Mosquito drone which are going to be shipped in September this year.
  • Bonadrone is in partnership with 3D Hubs which is a 3D printers group.
  • The team at BonaDrone hail from Barcelona, Spain, and they expect to give users the tools and the knowledge for creating the drones of their expectations.
  • One can choose the color and the associated accessories of the Mosquito drone, and even upgrade the drone from scratch derived from its 3D-printed parts.
  • Since it is customizable, it is a blessing for tech-lovers, DIY, and RC enthusiasts too. There are several autonomous flight features built-in, along with a Follow-Me function, flight planning module, and even a basic Return-to-Launch capability that can be used for emergencies.

Accessories with the Bonadrone

BonaDrone can be fully customized. The company has designed two accessories that are available for purchase with the drone along with a gimbal. The community of users will be deciding on the new accessories and functionalities that will be available in the future.