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BLINK QU4TRO – A 4 Wheel Drive Electric Longboard


ACTON’s BLINK is the most advanced eboard ever for everyday commute. Other boards are essentially the same analog decks with some added electronics to make them run. With a product like BLINK, ACTON is stepping up the personal transport game and need you to ride with.

ACTON introduces the most advanced electric skateboards on Earth. ACTON has built BLINK from space-age materials using completely new and patent pending construction. ACTON BLINK runs 22 miles per charge and has a 4 wheel drive for hill climbing power.

BLINK glides with advanced hub motors for a more powerful & smoother ride. The experience on these boards is next-level. Head out on the road using BLINK and forget about charging because you won’t have to worry about it for a while as BLINK can run for up to 22 miles on a single charge. If you ever do run out of charge, you can just kick/push BLINK because hub motors do not slow you down the way belted motors do. The signature lighting on ACTON BLINK illuminates your path and makes you glow so you can stand out on the street for both safety and style.

ACTON BLINK has Three New Models

  1. BLINK QU4TRO: This 4 wheel drive is the most powerful skateboard, having an amazing range. BLINK QU4TRO is the conquerer of all hills.
  2. BLINK S2: This is a 2 wheel drive, commuter & cruiser. It has great range & effortless uphill power. This is ACTON’s best all-around skateboard. ACTON BLINK S2 is designed specifically for commuters and students.
  3. BLINK S: BLINK S is a 1 wheel drive, commuter & cruiser. This is the lightest skateboard. It is the best campus tool & most portable vehicle for all the college going kids.

The talented team at ACTON has worked day and night to innovate and improve their product and giving you BLINK, which is light weight, has huge power, an amazing range, is beautiful and has a ground breaking design.

ACTON BLINK is Water-resistant

  1. ACTON BLINK has regenerative breaking.
  2. BLINK has got integrated lights on front, rear, and both the sides.
  3. ACTON BLINK is water resistant, so don’t worry about using it in the rain.
  4. ACTON BLINK offers different modes and you can change them using the app on your smartphone.

BLINK QU4TRO is one of the fastest, most powerful boards in the market and it is the only one with 4 wheels drive electric hub motors. These boards are aluminum and carbon fiber Sci-Fi transporters from the future.

The QU4TRO comes with a remote. The remote doubles as a handle to carry the board, or you can just lock it on the board so you don’t lose it. The QU4TRO remote is slim and ergonomic and is comfortable for all hand sizes to use.


The ACTON companion app runs on both Android and iOS devices. The ACTON app allows you to set modes, check mileage, track routes, and keep with other BLINK riders. Pair up the BLINK QU4TRO with the ACTON app via Bluetooth. The app includes levels and challenges to take on. Simple and straightforward.

BLINK QU4TRO Will be Available Next Year

All the three models of ACTON BLINK are in pre-production phase currently. BLINK S begins shipping in December 2016, BLINK S2 begins shipping in January 2017, while BLINK QU4TRO will be out for shipping in March 2017.