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Get the Best of BlackBerry and Android with BlackBerry’s Android Phone

BlackBerry's Android Phone

The smartphone industry has been flourishing. With the first smartphone being launched a few years ago, there has been immense competition in the industry, with every smartphone maker launching a newer, better, a more modern phone which has improved capabilities and incorporates the latest technology. Blackberry enjoyed a good reputation for a reasonable period of time, only to have succumbed to competition from Android and iOS a couple of years later.

Re-launching with a Bang

In order to regain its position in the market, Blackberry is all set to relaunch itself with a new phone – BlackBerry’s Android phone. While the concept might confuse people; a Blackberry device running an Android operating system, Blackberry is looking to make its mark once again.

Unique Design

Blackberry has been known for its security and productivity capability, and BlackBerry’s Android phone is going to be no different. Christened Venice, BlackBerry’s Android phone is said to be a slider phone with a tall form factor and a physical keyboard. The device is black in colour and has curved edges with the option to slide out the physical keyboard. With Venice, users will now be able to download apps from the Google Play Store and the Amazon Store.

Chucking the BlackBerry OS

While all of BlackBerry’s previous phones ran the Blackberry iOS, Venice is going to be the first phone from the company that will be running a 3rd party software. Although Blackberry OS was always a little behind time, the hardware design was unmatched and provided users with a gratifying experience. By running Android OS on its new phone, Blackberry can now shift all its focus on developing the hardware. Security has been always been BlackBerry’s USP, and BlackBerry’s Android phone is expected to incorporate unmatched security, like all its previous devices.

Twofold Features of BlackBerry’s Android Phone

A cross-over device like BlackBerry’s Android phone might just as well offer users the best of both worlds – impeccable hardware design by Blackberry and an unmatched user experience by Android. BlackBerry’s Android phone Venice is said to come with some of BB10’s features and the following specs:

  • 5.4 inch Quad HD display
  • 3GM RAM
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor
  • 18 Megapixel camera

Get Your Hands on One

BlackBerry’s Android phone is going to be launched across America in November 2015. According to rumours, it will first be made available with AT&T and will slowly be launched in association with other networking providers and across other regions as well.

Reinventing Itself

With the aim of reinventing itself, Blackberry is all set to storm the smartphone market place with the new Blackberry Android phone. Incorporating BlackBerry’s hallmark physical key board and security and productivity features, BlackBerry’s Android phone is all set to create a niche for itself. However, whether or not the phone will enjoy success and break the clutter to emerge as a winner, only time will tell!