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Blackberry Launches its Second Android Phone with Blackberry Vienna

Blackberry Second Android Phone

During the beginning of the smartphone revolution, Blackberry was one of the most sought after brands. While the industry was inundated by touchscreen phones, Blackberry managed to create a niche for itself with its QWERTY keypad and the Blackberry operating system that incorporated the highest level of security. However, Blackberry’s success and popularity was short-lived, as the Blackberry operating system had many shortfalls including slow speed and its inability to embrace new technology in addition to the massive proliferation of Android and iOS operating systems.

Blackberry’s First Android Phone

In order to make a mark in the market again, Blackberry launched its first Android phone in early November 2015 codenamed Blackberry Venice which was later known as Blackberry Priv. Priv is a slider phone with a tall form factor and a physical keyboard with curved edges and the option to slide out the physical keyboard. Users can download apps from the Google Play Store and the Amazon Store.

Blackberry’s Second Android Phone

Continuing to make its presence felt in the competitive smartphone industry, Blackberry recently announced the launch of its second android phone, codenamed Blackberry Vienna. With Blackberry Vienna, Blackberry wants users to enjoy the best of a physical keyboard and high security features of Blackberry and the modern, top-notch features of an Android OS. Like most Blackberry phones, Blackberry Vienna will also have an always-present physical keyboard with a relatively large display. Blackberry Vienna however is expected to be slimmer than the 9mm Blackberry Priv.

Unique Design

Through the pictures, it is obvious that Blackberry Vienna is very likely going to resemble older Blackberry phones. Blackberry has ditched the slider mechanism that was native to Blackberry Priv. However, like Priv, Blackberry Vienna also has a tall form factor; the bottom edges are curved while the top edges are not. Blackberry Vienna incorporates a back-facing camera with flash and also a front-facing shooter with navigation buttons right below the display. Blackberry Vienna houses the volume controls on the right side and the power button on the left side. Blackberry Vienna will be available in 4 colours: red, silver, navy blue and grey.

Probable Specs

While there has not been any official communication by Blackberry on its latest Android entrant in the market, trade analysts feel that Blackberry Vienna will more or less have specs similar to Priv. That includes a 5.4 inch OLED display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, with a 3GB storage and an 18 megapixel camera. With Android’s success in the smartphone industry, Blackberry hopes to provide users with the best of features in order to stay at par with the other smartphone biggies in the market.

Expected to Ring in the New Year

While Blackberry Priv was recently launched in early November 2015, Blackberry Vienna is expected to be launched only in the New Year. While there have been no updates on the price or detailed specs of Blackberry Vienna, the phone is expected be similarly priced as the Blackberry Priv, which costs $699.

All Set for a New Beginning

With the recent launch of Priv, and the expected launch of Vienna in early 2016, Blackberry is hoping to have a new beginning in the smartphone industry. Incorporating Blackberry’s trademark physical key board with exceptional security and productivity features, Blackberry aims to create a niche for itself with its second Android phone, Blackberry Vienna.