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Blackberry Leap : Not a Technologically Advanced Leap from Blackberry

Blackberry Leap

When the world is overwhelmed from technological overdose in terms of Apple Watch, New MacBook Pro, Huawei Watch and more, Blackberry decides to silently launch their low range touch phones- Blackberry Leap. Into the market with the same hope or revival that it once had with the Passport too, but that failed and it seems that Blackberry couldn’t take it. Yet Blackberry is back with the same gusto but this time it’s not a qwerty keyboard but they are going the total touch way with the Leap smartphones.

Though the features of Blackberry Leap are quite modest considering the cost which accompanies, but it seems that this is not the phone you would wish to buy after the effervescent display of new range devices at the Mobile World Congress 2015.

What is Blackberry Leap?

Blackberry came with a different plan at the Mobile World Congress 2015 and this time they went ahead with a low budget smartphone quite unlike other Smartphone giants. Blackberry Leap is a complete touch smartphone which is against the Blackberry norms. Blackberry recently released two smartphones with Qwerty keypads and a touch smartphone was on the cards for the attention seeker smartphone giant.

Features of Blackberry Leap

The Blackberry Leap has 5.0 inch display with  720×1280 pixels resolution and a storage capacity of 16GB which has become the new 8 GB now as more and more apps are taking up the storage space it was high time that smartphones start coming with the 16GB phones and the 8GB smartphones are more on the verge of extinction.

As usual, the Blackberry Leap has two cameras, the 2MP front camera for taking endless selfies and a 8 MP rear camera which is not that great compared to other smartphones with similar cameras but you don’t buy a Blackberry for taking pictures, do you?  The phone runs on Blackberry OS 10.3 with a 2800 mAh battery which runs for about 25 hours. There is this old school sliding keyboard which is named the “Slider” by Blackberry.

Price and Availability along with other details

Being a touchscreen smartphone, the Blackberry Leap is able to run the latest version of Blackberry OS 10.3.1. What this means is that it has the Hub, Blend and the BB Messenger on the device itself. The good part is that all the Blackberry security features are available on this phone though Leap being a low end device. The price of the Leap smartphone is said to be around $280 and it would be available soon by the end of this month. You can download the apps from Blackberry World along with the Amazon Appstore.

The BB Leap is targeted at young business professionals who are looking to have a couple of smartphones each for a specific purpose. The smartphone comes in two colours, grey and white which is again far from usual. Though there is a lot lacking in the Blackberry Leap in terms of technology but with the price range it looks a good buy. If you would like to know more about the Leap, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section below.