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Blackberry Key2 Comes With The Most Intelligent Keyboard Ever

Blackberry Key2

Last week, at an event in New York, Blackberry launched its latest creation the Blackberry Key2, which is a successor to the last year’s Blackberry KeyOne. With the Key2, Blackberry is trying to improve on the KeyOne but also retaining some of the important elements as well. The Key2 might look very similar to the KeyOne, but if you look at it closely and dive deeper into it, you will notice there are some very significant changes in the new Blackberry Key2.

Iconic design

At this point, almost every smartphone looks the same when it comes to the design. But we really appreciate how Blackberry chose to stand out in terms of design with the Key2. The front of the phone is the same like any other Blackberry phone, part screen and part keyboard. But it still has a modern aesthetic. There are flat edges all the way around and slim chamfers on the front and the back. The back has a diamond-patterned texture. It is designed to give a good look but also to make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hand easily.

Their most intelligent keyboard ever

The keyboard in the Blackberry Key2 is improved even though it still comes in the traditional four-row layout. Each row is separated by metal frets. The new keyboard takes up more space as each key is 20 percent larger. These have also been reshaped and given a matte texture which makes it easier to type on. The clicking mechanism is also improved. The surface of the keys is also touch sensitive. You can also assign a shortcut to each key and can launch any app by tapping on a button.

Reduced bezels

Having a keyboard means less space for the screen, so Blackberry had to do away with the traditional screen here. There is a 3:2 ratio display here. But it still manages to pack a good amount of pixels in a smaller space. The IPS LCD panel takes up almost half of the space on the front screen. It is also coated in Corning Gorilla Glass. Making the keyboard bigger, Blackberry had to reduce the amount of the bezels on the top. Even the edges on the sides have been slimmed down, and now has an edge-to-edge look.

Charge less, do more

Blackberry devices have never been about being the most powerful smartphones, or smoothest running phones or phones with superfast gaming. It believes that you just need enough power to run your phone efficiently with very minimal issues. This time, Blackberry offers a Snapdragon 660 for the Key2. Blackberry offers two options for storage: 64GB and 128GB. Both versions support MicroSD card. The latter also offers dual SIM support. It also packs a 3,500mAh battery. There is also Quick Charge 3.0, it can charge up the battery from zero to 50 percent in about 36 minutes.

Controlling privacy

Blackberry focuses on security and it has further been shown in the Key2. The Secure Locker has been improved. You can now store private files and folders and secure individual apps using secure passwords or fingerprints. These can help you keep the important app information safe. There is also Firefox Focus, a built-in private browser. FireFox Focus allows you to use the internet with tracking and no history is recorded.

First dual camera on Blackberry

Blackberry offers two different colors for the Key2. There are Silver and Stealthy Black models, these are going to be available right away. The Blackberry Key2 will be made available for pre-order this month. It is said that the 64GB model will be released first in June, while the 128GB model will be made available later after 4-5 weeks. The Blackberry Key2 is priced at around $649. On the back is the dual 12-megapixel sensor. The camera can also record 4K video at 30fps. The front camera is 8MP and there is no visible improvement on that. With the Key2, Blackberry has tried to improve many aspect of the KeyOne.