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Beoplay P6: A Wireless Speaker Crafted for Power and Portability

Beoplay P6

Since many years, the Danish audio company Bang & Olufsen has given us a number of great and affordable speakers under the brand B&O Play. B&O Play is about to launch a new Bluetooth speaker. The Beoplay P6 is a new Bluetooth speaker by Bang & Olufsen. The Beoplay P6 is the second Bluetooth speaker by Bang & Olufsen Play which features a built-in microphone.

The Beoplay P6 comes with rich, powerful sound and premium materials including a pearl blasted aluminium grill and a leather strap. P6 offers you full versatility. The Beoplay P6 is dust and splash resistant. It can be used anywhere in the home. It can also be easily picked up and taken outside.

Inspired by an icon

The Beoplay P6 has a compact and classy design. It looks as if an old radio set is given a modern twist, with big speaker grills on both the sides.

The Beoplay P6 is designed with beautiful craftsmanship in mind. It is designed by the award-winning Danish designer Cecilie Manz. The buttons on P6 are inspired by an iconic Bang & Olufsen sound system named the Beomaster 6000. They provide precision, simplicity, along with a pleasing tactile experience. It features a pearl blasted aluminium grill that ensures even sound dispersion. Its leather strap easily lets you take it anywhere you want.

The attention to detail in the design and materials is very prominent in the P6. The beautiful craftsmanship of the splash and dust resistant speaker pushes the limits of aluminium as a material. The double layered leather strap gives a warm contrast to the aluminium grill.

Beoplay P6 – One touch, one style

The OneTouch Button, designed for simplicity, enables you to access voice assistant, accept calls and use ToneTouch presets, in order to adjust the sound of P6 to your space. You can use it to play and pause instantly or resume last played music source. The same button can be used to take calls, access Siri or Google Assistant. The button comes with pre-settings, and it is easy to customize it in Beoplay App. You can do all this with just a touch of a button.

Play for a long time

The Beoplay P6 is flexible and allows you to breathe new life into the spaces you live in. With a battery life of up to 16 hours, it just keeps on going. The power of P6 doesn’t only lie in its sound. P6 delivers an impressive amount of power relative to its size. The longevity allows you to bring the music with you around the home or on the go. It comes with a USB-C charging cable. It can easily be connected to a power source and be recharged in 3 hours.

For a compact speaker, the Beoplay P6 delivers a rich and impressive amount of power relative to its size. It comes with a large volume in the cabinet and an additional amplifier that provides a powerful bass which leaves you with an impactful speaker. The True360 Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound ensures even sound all around.

A companion app

The Beoplay P6 also comes with a companion app in order to give alerts like Siri or Google Assistant. The Tone Touch interface offers presets. But you can still control the Tone Touch to personalize the audio of Beoplay device. This can be easily done with the help of the companion app.

On sale from this month

Being a Bang & Olufsen product, the Beoplay 6 is definitely going to be amazing and will not disappoint anyone in the sound department. Given its design and its features and also considering its a Bang & Olufsen product, the price might not be much of a problem in this case, but it is still a bit high at $399. The Beoplay P6 is said to go on sale from 23rd April.

The Beoplay P6 is the second product to be sold by Bang & Olufsen in their P line. Before this, they came up with a rather smaller model called the P2 which was sold at just $169. Both these models definitely stand out from the other models of Bang & Olufsen as both of these with microphone for voice support. The Beoplay P6 comes in two different colors: Black and Natural Silver. The charging cable for the Beoplay P6 will be included in the box.