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Beoplay H8i and H9i: A Wireless Over-ear Headphones with Stunning Battery Life

Beoplay H8i and H9i

Bang & Olufsen under the popular lifestyle brand B&O Play has recently come up with 3 new crisply designed headphones models. The models which were launched by the company at CES in 2018 boasts of some cool enhancements in terms of listening pleasure and easy ergonomic design. The company at the big tech event unveiled the stylish and elegantly designed Beoplay H9i, Beoplay H8i and some new shades of colours for its earbud Beoplay E8. In many respects, the design and the new design and features make out of these earpieces an exceptionally smooth audio listening experience for the users.

Delightful design

When it comes to design, both the earphones come with soft ear cushions which are slimmed down for comfort touch. Along with that several aspects of exterior aesthetics have been given a clear boost. H9i has always been one of the most comfortable earbuds as reported by most users. With the new design, this comfort element has been given a further push. Though there have been several new elements making the audio experience better, the design of the new earbuds has equally been an important inclusion. The improvement in the design of the new flagship H9i is not just visible with cushioned over-ear cans, but it also came with a reshaped mono arm.

When it comes to the built material and look and feel, the new H9i comes with the same type of stitched leather headband like its predecessor. Just like the earlier model it also has anodized aluminium ear cups coupled up with lambskin pads with soft foam inside.

Battery and charging

There has been a crucial improvement in terms of charging and the battery life. The new H9i has switched to USB-C charging. The change has probably introduced as part of its larger battery with lengthier capacity. The new battery comes with a rating of 18 hours and delivers at least 4 hours of extra charging.

Differences that H8i battery offers

Among these newly launched models, the on-ear H8i offers actually a very small size while offering a large battery inside. It comes with a 1100mAh cell which is irreplaceable while the H9i offers a 770mAh replaceable battery. But while the H8i offers a long-lasting battery it is not the same with the H9i battery. The H8i offers almost double battery life compared to its predecessor H8 model. The battery can deliver a whopping 30 hours of unperturbed use while the active noise cancellation and Bluetooth remain active.

Audio output

The new headphones apart from the design changes also offered several positive things to boost the audio output and enhance listening pleasure. B&O Play has made its new headphones also equipped with a bass port to deliver more powerful and clear bass sound than its predecessor. Another major improvement in the near headphone is the improved Active Noise Cancellation technology designed more aptly to boost audio sound by cancelling human voices and other surroundings noises.

Several useful modes

All the headphones come with several useful modes for different music playing needs.  The Proximity Mode will make the headphone automatically detect the moment it is removed from the ears, or the audio is paused. It will start playing again as soon as you put them in the ear again. This will help you do away with the unease of picking out your smartphone to pause and play your audio contents. There is also a new Transparency Mode to help you stay in touch with the surrounding sound quickly by pausing music and active noise cancellation just instantly with a small gesture.

BeoPlay H8i, unlike the H9i, also offers physical button controls for both the ear cups. This allows accessing the Transparency Mode with a physical click instead of a gesture. This smaller model also offers the identical proximity sensor and enhanced call quality.


All these improved and enhanced models of BeoPlay headphones respectively H9i and H8i will be shipped from January 25th. While the H9i will come with a price tag of $499 / €499 / £449 the H8i will be available for $399 / €399 / £349. Both the models are available in either black or natural tan shade. Along with this, the earlier BeoPlay H8i will be available in few other shades along with the earlier ones.

In conclusion

BeoPlay headphones have long been synonymous with optimum listening pleasure, user-friendly design and supple features. These new enhancements will further boost these qualities.