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Beoplay H5 – Music Listening Revamped with this New Wireless Earphone

Beoplay H5

Listening music over Bluetooth obviously makes you compromise on sound quality. In spite of that wireless earphones are in high demand because we are practically living in a wireless age. All new Beoplay A7 wireless earphones having just launched its newest addition addressed this issue quite convincingly.

As the earphone industry is still struggling to build a totally wireless pair of earbuds with Bluetooth capability that can transmit noiseless high-quality music, this new earbud from B&O PLAY seems to cut the competition with a clear lead. Beoplay H5 is an advanced earphone that can create enough room on the cable as well for shuffling the tracks and volume with the three-button remote control.

Where the Beoplay H5 really stands out?

If you really care about the audio quality more than anything else, this pair of headphones from Bang & Olufsen can be the ideal one, whether indoor or outdoor. The Beoplay H5 has a wide array of features aimed for avid music listeners and fitness fans. Let us have a look at the feature set quickly.

  • First of all, the cable of this headphone is molded straight into the rubber, allowing you to keep the sweat out while exercising or running.
  • Furthermore, helping you to avoid corrosion the earpieces are thoroughly moisture-resistant.
  • The shape of the earphone has been thoroughly tested to fit any ear and thus preventing fall while you are into outdoor workup.
  • When you have finished listening, both the earpieces can easily be snapped magnetically together and thus you can prevent entanglement so common with earphone wires.
  • In spite of the small size, the company has managed to keep it within 6.4mm dynamic drivers along with electromagnetic transducers.
  • The high-quality digital sound processing chip inside is designed to provide noiseless neutral sound.
  • As per the company claims, the 100mAH battery will last at least for five hours. Actually, they save more battery power by automatically going to sleep mode when you snap the earphones together.

Great Specs with Impressive Sound Quality

The Beoplay H5 is the first of the Danish brands to come with such a perfect neckband product that does not look cheap. It comes with a braided textile cord that just hangs around lazily on your head offers a handsome look. By putting your fancy earbuds snapped together you make it look like a necklace even. It is technically powerful to deliver high-quality sound.

  • The H5 offers a 6.4mm dynamic speaker and a robust electromagnetic transducer.
  • It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 with Digital Sound Processing.
  • The Beoplay app allows you to choose from a wide array of set profiles or abilities to tweak the sound.
  • The sweat-resistant housing for the earphones made with a combination of textured rubber and polymer makes it further stronger and durable.
  • To make it easy to fix the buds in your ear it comes with a bunch of ear tips.
  • The ear tips are available in four different colors including black or pink.
  • Smart clever design with unmatched sound quality makes the earbuds so special.
  • Finally, five-hour battery life is ideal for long hours of listening and outdoor playing.

What about Price?

As expected, this stylish and smart earbuds with so impressive features just do not come cheap. But, the $249 cannot be called an exorbitant price even compared to the material it has and the sound quality a well as ease of use it offers. While most such wireless headphones actually look cheaper and offer compromising noisy sound quality, Beoplay H5 seems to be the only standout product to deliver both style and sound quality.

The crystal clear sound quality itself can worth the whole price and with that when you can consider the solid specs, it seems irresistible.