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Beoplay E8: An Wireless Earphone with Ultimate Audio Output


There are plenty of Bluetooth earphones on the market but unfortunately, very few of them are actually worth the hype. The Beoplay E8 broke many stereotypes with its unique design, exceptional sound output and a staggering price tag that seems a little too much for an earphone. Leave aside the price and it is one of the best Bluetooth earphones worth buying now.

Excellent Design

Beoplay E8 is available in two colors, respectively black or gray and offers quite a good fit for any ear. While it is extremely lightweight and elegant outwardly, it also offers four different pairs of ear tips in different sizes. That makes it ideal for any ear irrespective of the differences in the size of ear holes.

Charging And Battery Life

The best thing is the earphone just magnetically gets into the charging pad and gets charged. When it comes to the battery life, the Beoplay E8 just gives a mediocre performance. It just stays alive for 4 hours with just a single charge. The charging case works as a power bank for the earphone with two additional charges carried inside. So, once the case is fully charged, you have added 8 hours of battery life in stock.

Touch Controls

The earpiece comes with sensitive touch panels for easy control of your audio preferences. While the right earpiece serves as the main earpiece for all basic controls, only a few controls are placed with the left one. A combination of simple taps and holds will allow you control volume, change and skip track and turn on the mic. Apart from the touch controls, you can also exercise controls through the connected smartphone app right on your device. The built-in mic works superb and offers great intelligibility for voice commands and memos.

Beoplay App

The Beoplay app gives you total autonomy over the controls. You can either choose the default Ambient mode or go for a Social mode which allows you to keep the music volume low or a mode for Commuting which is expressly meant for playing music louder when you are on the road and traveling. The connected Beoplay app permits you to adjust the equalizer and control bass, treble and sound effects. For workouts and podcasts, it offers preset options as well.

Sound Output

When evaluating an earphone, the most important consideration is obviously the sound output. Even when the EQ is off, the sound seems to deliver quite a clear bass output. The distortion of the bass even in intricate instrumentals is least minimum. Whether at the high pitch or at the moderate level, the bass effect seems quite good. Whether it is deep bass sound or flatter and simpler music tracks, E8 seems to give best audio output with clear and detailed sound.

Whether you listen to delicate high-low rifts and movements like that in jazz music or just play some happy music with regular rhythm, the sound output remains vivid and intricately detailed whether in the high pitch or next to inaudible low. The crisp and crystal clear sound which requires no tweaking with the modes or EQ makes it a perfect company for music lovers.

For more deserving and cultivated listeners who are fond of extra bass or say, more prominent sub-bass sound, the EQ can deliver the rest of the tricks. It always allows you to come with some dips and cuts here and there easily. Whatever lacking you experience with default hearing gets fulfilled with the EQ. When it is about audio output, it is arguably one of the best earphones we have come across so far.

Final Verdict

Do you want a distinct signature sound while listening music with your earphones? Beoplay E8 is probably the best option with an array of signature sound options through various modes and expansive EQ. Simply, the audio output gives the earphone a clear edge above many others in the competition. The design is also cute and expressly well-fit for the ears with various size options.

The only downside of the Beoplay E8 is probably it’s an eye-popping price tag that seems a bit ruthless for the pocket, especially when similar and comparable ones from other major brands are available at $100 or $50 less than this. It cannot disappoint anyone looking for highest quality audio output but that does not just comes as affordable.