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With BeoLab 50, Bang & Olufsen Continues Their Endeavour To Create The Future Of Sound

With BeoLab 50

BeoLab 50 by Bang & Olufsen was first showcased at CES 2015. It totally impressed everyone with its look as well as its performance. The new BeoLab 50 delivers truly unprecedented performance. It comes with innovative sound controls and a uniquely unravelling design. A high-end active loudspeaker with a modest footprint. The BeoLab 50 are the kind of speakers that feel at home in any interior.

It’s Not Just About The Looks.

The speakers have been designed by Noto GmbH in order to be centrepieces at your home. They are made with machined aluminium and oak grates. But these speakers are not just about their looks. But they are meant for than that.

Floor Standing Speaker.

The BeoLab 50 has a rounded base. The speakers are smartly designed and have a tall, willowy outline. BeoLab 50 stands proud, at the same time it is unobtrusive. The aluminium surfaces and warm oak lamellas are inherently Bang & Olufsen. This all mixes in a refined and visionary design. The Acoustic Lens are amazing. It gracefully opens up to face the audience. When this happens, you know the stage is set for an outstanding performance. BeoLab 50 has a light expression. It comes with a modest height. It measures just 45.5 cm at its widest. The BeoLab 50 is a floor standing loudspeaker. It easily fits in anywhere.

Craftsmanship And Innovation.

Making a flagship speaker like BeoLab 50 is an adamant challenge. It has a very diligent process. It shows persistent dedication to craftsmanship and innovation. This kind of creativity has been invested for more than nine decades.

BeoLab 50 shares several technology patents. These same patents are also a crucial part of the radical BeoLab 50. The audio engineers from Bang & Olufsen have once again created a loudspeaker that performs beyond expectation in every listening scenario.

Adjustable Acoustic Lens.

BeoLab 50 comes with adjustable acoustic lens. These lens can change its sound delivery according to the position of the audience. The moving cheeks of the acoustic lens will contract. They will then throw a direct and narrow sound wave towards your preferred listening spot. This process produces a such sweet sounding music. The chins of the BeoLab 50 slide open for a room-filling sound performance whenever there is a party of guests or a group of people gathered in front of the TV.

A Superior Performance.

The BeoLab makes use of an external microphone. This is connected to the loudspeaker. The Active Room Compensation technology measures the acoustical behaviour of your room. It then creates a set of custom filters. These filters then compensate for reflections from walls and furniture in different listening areas. The result is a superior performance. It is tailored to all the ways you enjoy music and sound experiences.

Get Everything With A Single Touch.

You can get everything from BeoLab 50 with just a single touch, despite its many advanced features. BeoLab 50 offers seamless control options. These are tailored to the ways you interact with technology in your home. It integrates completely with your BeoVision TV using the BeoRemote One. The Bang & Olufsen app can be used on your phone or tablet. You can quickly set up and access saved presets. You are then free to adjust settings and create new favourites. With the 7 dedicated built-in amplifiers, there is no need for a separate amplifier or the clutter of audio cables. BeoLab 50 is ready to perform once it is plugged into a power socket.

The Price Is Unbelieveable.

Everything is set up using the Bang & Olufsen companion app. The speakers have Analog Power Link and Digital Power Link connections, RCA, S/PDIF, optical digital, and USB audio connections. There’s also WiSA-based wireless for multichannel streaming. Unsurprisingly, none of this comes cheap. Bang & Olufsen says that the BeoLab 50 will go on sale this month worldwide, priced at 13,295 EUR ($15,470) for a single speaker.