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Belkin Valet – The Premium Apple Watch Charge Dock

Belkin Valet Charge Dock

Apple products are one of the most sought after across the world. While Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and Apple Watch are ruling their respective markets, accessory manufacturers are making the most of Apple’s immense popularity and success across its wide product range. With Apple allowing accessory manufacturers to produce Apple watch docks through its Made for Apple licensing program, several companies are now developing products that complement Apple products.

Introducing Belkin Valet

Belkin, an American manufacturer of consumer electronics specializing in connectivity devices, has recently announced the launch of the Belkin Valet.

Belkin Valet is a charge dock exclusively crafted to support the Apple watch.

In addition, Belkin Valet also has an integrated Lightning connector that allows users to simultaneously charge their Apple iPhone on the charging dock. It is the first third party product to incorporate both a lightning connector and a charging dock; it has been specifically designed for the Apple Watch and iPhone and has been certified by Apple to meet its performance standards.

Inductive Charging

Belkin Valet uses the same magnetic technology as the Apple Watch charging cable. As soon as an Apple Watch is docked on the Belkin Valet, the magnets align the connectors automatically and begin the inductive charging instantly. Simultaneously, users can also charge their iPhones through the lightening connector. Belkin Valet comes with a power supply and has both the connectors for the Watch and the iPhone hardwired into the dock, enabling users to charge both their devices with a single cable. The absence of multiple charging cables is one of the major USPs of Belkin Valet.

Impeccable Finish

It has a solid metal base with an aluminum finish. The solid cast arm on which the iPhone rests has a chrome finish. The use of premium metals gives Belkin Valet an aesthetic look and can fit perfectly in any decor. It is a compact accessory measuring 4.3×5.28×3.47 inches and weighing approximately 1.4lbs.

Aesthetic Design

A small dial on the back of Belkin Valet enables users to adjust the height of the integrated lightning connector in order to accommodate any iPhone with the case. An optional watch band support on the solid arm that holds the Apple Watch offers extra support for heavier watches to rest nicely when docked. There are rubber pads on the base of Belkin Valet, on the solid arm and on the bottom of the charging dock which prevents the metal parts from scratching the desk and a docked iPhone. The design of Belkin Valet is such that it offers users the perfect visibility and access to both their devices when docked.


It offers premium design and finish and is priced at an MRP of $129. It can be purchased through the Belkin website and will also be made available at Apple Stores. It has a 12V, 1.5A adapter and comes with a 1.5m long cable, which provides an elegant dual-charging solution for iPhones 5 and above and Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition.

The Bottom Line

Belkin Valet enables users to charge both their iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. The compact design, the presence of a single cable, the adjustable iPhone connector and the sturdy Apple Watch dock makes Belkin Valet one of the best Apple Watch docks in the market.