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Wake up to a Beautiful Morning with BEDDI Alarm Clock

BEDDI Alarm Clock

With smartphones becoming a one-stop solution for all daily needs, traditional alarm clocks have become passe. With modern smartphones offering a gamut of features, owning a traditional and dumb alarm clock is no longer an option. But imagine an alarm clock that is smart and allowed users to do a lot more than just wake up?

Introducing BEDDI Alarm Clock

BEDDI Alarm is an app enabled smart clock for smartphones which performs a variety of other functions in addition to waking people up. Designed by the amazing little store WITTI, BEDDI alarm is embedded with 20 plus features that allow users to do a number of different things that makes everyday life more interesting.

Programmable Smart Buttons

  • BEDDI alarm comes with 3 programmable smart buttons which can be customized based on user’s preferences: single click, double click and long press.
  • The smart buttons give users the freedom to control their smart gadgets and smart home.
  • Users can make a phone or Skype call, send SMS and also act as a phone finder in case the user loses his phone.

Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep

  • BEDDI alarm has a fully off feature that completely dims the clock face and makes the room completely dark at night so users can enjoy a peaceful sleep.
  • As ambient noises can affect sleep, BEDDI alarm incorporates white noise generator that allows users to enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Users can also choose from different noises like raining night or humming fan as per their personal preference.

Wake Up to a Beautiful Morning

  • The sun rise simulator feature automatically brightens the room with soft light that gently wakes people up 5 minutes before the set alarm time.
  • BEDDI alarm can automatically adjust smart appliances at home based on users’ wake up time.
  • Connection to the WeMo switch enables BEDDI to communicate with user’s coffee machine and keeps piping hot coffee 10 minutes before the alarm goes off.
  • The BEDDI alarm dashboard has the ability to display weather forecast, so users can dress appropriately for the day.
  • Integration with Google Maps provides information on when users must leave for work by giving them minute to minute details on traffic on their route to office.

Integration with Spotify

  • Spotify integration allows users to choose a playlist for their morning alarm; users can wake up to their favourite song.
  • Users can also bookmark their favourite Spotify number and play any track of their choice.
  • Additionally, BEDDI alarm supports Bluetooth streaming, allowing users to stream songs from their smartphone, Apple Music or Google Music.

Smart Features

  • With the multiple USB ports, users can charge up to 2 devices at any given point in time. The 2.1A port can be used for rapid charging while the 1A port can be used for smartphone charging through the night.
  • By pressing a single button, users can now make calls to Uber and book their cabs. BEDDI alarm then informs users when the cab has arrived.


BEDDI alarm is priced at $99. Currently the device is up on Kickstarter; WITTI has managed to raise more than $76,000, as against the initial target of $25,000. As of now, users can book their BEDDI alarm for an MRP of $75, however shipping will only begin in June 2016.

Our Verdict

A device as smart as BEDDI alarm is sure to grab the attention of a lot of people. Integration with Spotify and smart appliances, Google Maps and weather integration, and USB charging ports – BEDDI alarm is a powerhouse of smartness.