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Bang & Olufsen Redesigns Its 90s Earphones for a Wireless Generation

Bang & Olufsen 90s Earphones

Bang & Olufsen just launched a new model of its wireless earset headphones that borrow its look and design from one of its older, classic designs. Bang & Olufsen wanted to merge some of the great sound characteristics from its speaker range with unprecedented comfort. As a result, Bang & Olufsen produced an iconic product in appearance which also inspired a lot of earphone designers since its launch.

Since the 90s the world of music consumption has become wireless and now, so have earset. For this relaunch, the classic has a totally new digital platform making it able to communicate wirelessly with your phone and letting you control vital features via the in-line remote.

A solid engineering concept

The design was drawn in the 90s by Anders Hermansen, with a strong focus on the basic architecture of the arm, piston and earhook. The finely treated aluminium and soft rubber parts allow for effortless adjustment and flexibility without compromising comfort. The aluminium surface highlights the exclusive look of the product. The natural qualities of aluminium makes sure that the product is strength and scratch resistance.

Sound tuning with a sense of the surroundings

The manufacturing of the dynamic full tone loudspeakers makes use of the open loudspeaker principle. According to the principle, the speaker lets through some environmental sounds. This means the sound from the speakers will not entirely cut you off from the world while enjoying the pure sound of the Earphones. This is a major reason why a lot of professional musicians prefer to use it as in-ear monitors. You can sense the world around. With Earset you will be more in touch with your surroundings than with other earphone types, thanks to the open sound architecture.

Uses premium materials

Earset are crafted with premium materials made to last, continuing the legacy of the Bang & Olufsen products. All the materials are diligently chosen for their functional qualities as well as their appearance. Anodized aluminium takes qualities which help in procuring more depth in the colors and finish of surfaces during production. The aluminium has a diamond cut-edge and a radically polished surface to catch and reflect light.

In order to make sure the design and quality go hand-in-hand, anodized aluminium has been used to achieve fluid and frictionless movement of the telescopic piston. There is surgical precision in the engineering process, and because of which the piston gets a hydraulic feeling. The iconic earhook is made of brushed aluminium, with section of soft rubber. The soft rubber gives comfort and makes sure that it sits behind the ear with a secure fit. The piston is attached to the earhook with a hex screws. It underlines the mechanical ideals that once inspired the original design.

Wireless for the new generation

While the original Earset was wired to your phone via a standard 3.5 mm jack, the re-engineered Earset features a state-of-the art wireless Bluetooth platform, leaving you freedom to move around without constraints. The extra benefit of a more sophisticated digital product is even better sound than the original. There are digital equalizers inside the Bluetooth chipset. These are used to fine tune the final sound performance. It makes sure the last part of the sound waves’ journey is perfect.

Signature sound

Earset is made for music, with tuning mastered by Bang & Olufsen’s acclaimed sound engineers for a rich and powerful sound experience. The earbud is designed in a way that it gives a comfortable fit. Along with that it allows ambient sounds to be heard without affecting the quality of sound.

Battery life

With 5 hours of effective battery life, the Earset is a great companion for your daily activities. The USB-C charging solution ensures quick and hassle-free charging, so that the earphones are always available for your next adventure. The in-line anodized aluminium remote with three buttons and built-in microphone lets you control your music, take calls, and activate Siri or Google Assistant – all without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Flexible adjustment system

One size fits all. Just like all humans are different, all human ears are different too. Both the outer contours of the ear and the inner shapes are uniquely different for each of us. This leaves a solid design challenge when designing one-size-fits-all solutions that are required for mass production.

Surgical precision

While some earphones accommodate for the difference in the inner ear by providing different ear tips, the construction of Earset has a different starting point. Earset allows the earphone to fit comfortably just inside the inner ear without blocking it. Apart from a more comfortable feel, this style also allows ambient sounds to be heard without affecting the quality of sound – while still being aware of surrounding noise. The unique construction of the arm, the piston and earhook provide this unprecedented flexibility allowing Earset to adapt to the shape of your ear.

Coming next month

Bang & Olufsen’s Earset is said arrive on June 1st 2018. The Earset will cost $299 and will come in two different colors: matte black and graphite brown.