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Axum Wireless Sport Earbuds – Best Audio for Athletes

Axum Wireless Sport Earbuds

Wireless is truly the way to go one notch higher in sports earbuds. With Apple iPhone 7 doing away with headphone jacks, it is the time that our tunes be liberated as well, from the fuss of wires. But it is still quite hard for audio device makers to introduce it in a practical way due to inadequate battery life that is associated with them. In terms of active headphones, you end up compromising on the size and fit and also the wires that bother you and get in your way.

But Axum wireless sports earbuds startup is aiming to change this perception about wireless earbuds. It has produced a truly refined, portable, wireless audio solution defined primarily for sports-inclined individuals. The earbuds offer high quality audio that is able to cope with the pressure of extreme sports and simultaneously it is geared for individuals who want their music to spur them towards greater achievements in sports. They are truly world’s best wireless earphones, that offers high quality audio without fiddling with cords and phones in the pocket. And Axum is certainly here to bridge that gap and bring the clearest sound for modern athletes today.

What is it?

Axum sports earbuds are a combination of true wireless convenience and a tightly integrated audio system that can give true justice to your music. With a technology of M-voiD (Multidisciplinary Virtually Optimized Industrial Design) these wireless earbuds are crafted for optimum fit and comfort.

Perfect Fit Design

Axum Gear is the world’s first pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds that use this audio technology. With both silicone and foam type ear tips in three sizes, it also provides a convenient and clever way to store your earbuds. This on-the-go storage case also acts as the charging hub in which a 1-hour charge gives you 4 hours of wireless playback. It uses magnets to charge them without a worry. Bluetooth 4.1 technology allows for complete freedom of movement as there are no wires attached. The universal fit feature will never let those earbuds fall from your ears and can easily carry them on the go.

Sound Technology

The sound quality that is provided by Axum wireless sports earbuds is unmatched in the wireless headphone market. The M-voiD system produces some of the clearest sounds possible that reduces audio coloration giving crisp quality. It is equipped to restore any soundtrack as it was recorded originally. It also comes with a microphone with which you can take all the important calls without reaching for your smartphone in the pocket.

Awesome Features

  • The Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity has a battery life that lasts up to eight hours while on the go.
  • It has a portable charging case that you can carry around and has up to four hours’ worth of backup.
  • The earphones have a nano-coating body that makes it essentially waterproof.
  • The adjustable hook helps the earbuds to remain stick to the ear and don’t come off suddenly.
  • Because of storage cum magnetic charging port, there is no hassle about powering them up.
  • The built-in mic allows you to take calls and use voice command for Siri, Google Now.

Why choose Axum Wireless Earbuds?

The best integrated features of Axum Gear are what distances it from the rest of the competitors. The M-voiD sound technology feature stands atop the podium making it the game changing earbuds of this generation. The mechanics and acoustics of Axum are uniquely integrated giving it the perfect audio functionality for dedicated athletes.

Price & Availability

The expected price of Axum wireless sports earbuds is around $299 which will be launched in mid-2017. But one can preorder it from Indiegogo campaign for $169 and get a wireless charging case too.


Axum wireless earbuds are the definite choice for fitness lovers as it has protected its sensitive components from water, giving it a nanotech waterproof coating. Even the audio quality is in a compact form where sporty individuals can enjoy a pristine audio quality at all places.