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Awesome Shield – Most Innovative Platform to Let Your Kid Learn Coding

Awesome Shield

Awesome Shield is an innovative platform to learn coding by the kids. It is great to groom the innovator mind in any kid. It comes with a custom hardware, a tremendously simplified code, and a lot of web based video tutorials allowing future coders in your child grow. The platform helps to build the inventors of future at their ease and pace, building new skills through hands-on project training. The platform comes also with a small computer called Arduino. Kids can access online video lessons and easy to understand code thanks to Awesome Shield.

It Comes with a Powerful Combination

Awesome Shield comes as thoroughly power packed with web based tutorials and easy to learn coding platform a sophisticated portable hardware device. Let us have a look at the various elements it comes loaded with.

  • There is an array of online video tutorials offering step by step knowledge of coding with simple, small lessons. All the lessons are lively with disciplinary education related to science, technology, engineering and math.
  • The simplified code allows learning the fundamentals and offers results quickly.
  • Awesome Shield hardware called Arduino helps to bring code to life with elements like light, color, sound and sensors.

Awesome Shield – How It Help Kids?

Awesome Shield helps kids learning to code that can exercise control over objects in the real world around them. Such controls also allow them to come with light effects, buzzers and various sensors coming packed inside Awesome Shield hardware. This is a gadget plus web based tutorial combination to provide hands-on training on coding from the scratch.

Awesome Shield with the help of an array of tools gives power to the coders of the future. Instead of making kids learn concepts in isolation the tutorial allows them to see and experience in changing a so-called abstract concept into real tangible objects.

From building a sensor carrying alarm clocks to producing a programmable candle, in more ways than one the kids learn programming a concept into real life objects with color elements put to use as per the psychological aspects of colors taught to them. So, just like the fun involved in building a handmade piece of art like the old days they can enjoy building impressive pieces of small tech-driven products. It is really an invaluable education for the creative minds of the budding innovators in the kids.

Awesome Shield videos deserve a special and loud mention as it is capable to put kids in total control of their learning process. Just with the mouse click every single tutorial they can access and just can set the speed of the tutorial at their preferred pace.

A Lot more than Coding

  1. Awesome Shield makes kids learn the coding fundamentals. They learn the basic elements of object-oriented programming besides learning about elements like variables, functions and. Besides making kids learn the basics of coding the platform also allows strengthening the foundational knowledge of their subjects taught at school.
  2. STEAM referring to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are foundational learning concepts that are integrated into the Awesome Shield tutorials.
  3. An array of different solutions for coding problems opens up their creative intelligence and problem solving skill.
  4. By learning to divide a complicated problem into small parts while coding involves analytical skill that kids get benefited with.
  5. By applying the existing concepts with new approaches within a complex project kids develop their critical thinking ability to a great extent.

Simplified Hardware

Awesome Shield is programming simplified with easy to use, ready to go, hardware and learning tools. Just by connecting the portable hardware one can easily write code that can control sounds, lights and the sensors receiving signals in the Awesome Shield hardware.

The hardware that works as the heart of Awesome Shield offering is called Arduino. It is a very small and power packed computer that can be used for building small gadgets, toys, games, and any other things.

What Buyers Get?

When the buyers take Awesome Shield they get the following products.

  • Arduino Uno with USB cable.
  • Awesome Shield hardware.
  • Awesome Shield tutorial videos.
  • Simplified code library.

Awesome Shield design of the hardware and the code library are open source and can be accessed and put to use by anyone. Years of hard work and design effort had been put behind it to make the code library simple and useful by future coders and learners.