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The Aware Kickstarts the Hearable Revolution with Innovation

the aware

Hearables are the latest trends among wearables. It keeps you on a musical track just by pinning a small device on ears. Here is the world’s first custom-fit headphone that even features brain & biometric sensing Aware, which is actually delightful to use. With the newly developed custom headphones by United Sciences, one can capture the perfect sound while playing, working and listening to music. The Aware Kickstart is a revolutionary project that promises a drastic change to the headphones world.

A wireless in-ear headphone that can be easily custom-fitted is already a new thing on the block. But with biometric sensors, that track stress, brain activity and even monitors sleep cycles at a tip, these hearables are one of a kind. These are core features of the innovative project.

The eFit 3D scanner that scans your ear with an accurate ring laser and translates that scan into a 3D model in real-time is awesome. One can customize the placement and angle of each speaker inside the headphone, lending immense improvement from standard models and will deliver a customized experience to its users. By indulging with this gadget, one will open up to limitless possibilities and game-changing applications improving your acoustic quality of life.


  • The Aware has the ability to tune into surroundings, for far better situational awareness.
  • It tracks heart rate, calories burned every day, steps walked every day and the overall distance traveled on foot.
  • It is also able to set goals and notifications for encouraging us to be healthy and happy.
  • One can track beta waves of the brain that are associated with focus and alertness, the Aware will trigger an audible alert to help you focus again.
  • Monitoring your stress level and understanding the causes behind it is also done easily.
  • It also monitors yours sleeping patterns through brainwaves.
  • It has the only integrated tracker in the world that can measure inside a hole.
  • It has the capacity to strobe scan data and video data through the glass at 30 GB data per scan.
  • The Aware uses radial illumination for better performance.

Design and working pattern

The anatomy of the ear is like a unique keyhole and the shape of the ear enables a custom headphone to lock firmly into place.

With an optimized fit, users automatically experience a maximized performance of biosensors that drives a significant amount of reliable biometric data, including discrete signals.

With these embedded biometric sensors one can keep a check on heart rate, steps, distance traveled, and calories burnt, among other information. It also provides real-time feedback about focus, stress, sleep patterns, and relaxation through the EEG module. The scanner precisely captures unique differences with a ring laser that is accurate up to 1/10th a millimeter.

Technical specifications


  • Audio SoC with Bluetooth 4.1
  • 4-channel high resolution bio-potential analog front end
  • 16 GB internal storage for bio signal logging and music
  • 3.7V 220 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Glossy black 3D-printed (UV DLP) acrylic
  • Wired auxiliary audio

Sensors & Transducers related to the hearable system include the 9-axis IMU, an accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass with low impedance to bio potential electrodes. It also includes the Red/ infrared/ green high sensitivity pulse OX sensor. With multiple ambient digital microphones and the facility for in-ear bone conduction, the system also includes a high fidelity acoustic transducer

Price and Availability

The company is planning to install custom sensors that will precisely fit the unique measurements and surfaces of any ear.

Aware Kickstart Hearable is one gadget that will not only connect you to your music and phone, it will also connect you to your mind and body. Grab it for an affordable price of $100 while it is under a funding campaign on Kickstarter.