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Awair Glow – Tracks Air Quality and Lights your Path to Clean Air

Awair Glow

These days we have a multitude of products for keeping a track of the environment we live in right from smart thermostats to smart things sensors. Awair Glow is a similar product but it goes a step further and tracks toxins and chemicals in your air and gives you personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy. Awair Glow is not only a handy tracker to check the air quality of your room, but it also works with your present humidifier, air conditioner, and other units.

Using Glow, you can quickly see the status on your air on the color-coded LED and also get in-depth insight and tips on the Awair app. You can directly plug the Awair Glow and can power on your non-smart devices the moment your air quality drops

Handcrafted Wood Casing

Awair Glow is made up of carefully selected and handcrafted high-quality North American walnut timber. Each unit is made of 100% toxin-free natural materials. Glow has an extremely transportable design. With the built-in plug, you just have to simply connect it to any outlet on a  wall of your room.

Awair uses a familiar color scale to help you understand your air quality easily. The five key factors that are represented using this scale are Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals, and Dust. Awair Glow has a decent and minimalistic look with a natural wooden accent that allows it to mix well with different interiors of your house.

Gives you Insights

  1. Different Modes: Awair Glow offers various preference modes like sleep, productivity, and allergy. These modes help you sleep better, control your allergies, increase productivity, or improve your general health.
  2. Smart Sensing: The sensors on Awair Glow are designed and tested to accurately identify the five key factors of air quality, namely: Temperature, Humidity, CO2, Chemicals, and Dust.
  3. Location-based: It also uses the atmospheric and geological information to help customize and personalize your recommendations.
  4. Seamless Connectivity: Awair uses both Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi to get users up and running quickly and securely. Awair gives you updates over-the-air to effortlessly keep you current.
  5. Visual Cards: The visual cards that appear on Awair Glow’s display are quick and easy-to-read and provide actionable tips, insights, and relevant healthcare information. In collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, Awair gives you personalized recommendations that are sure to improve your air quality.
  6. Awair Score: The Awair Score is a color-coded scale that lets you know the quality of air. It’s a 0 to 100 scale. If the app shows 0 that means the air quality is poor and if it shows 100 that means the air is healthy. You can also track your improvements over time.
  7. Nightlight: It has a night light that activates by motion, touch, or through your Awair app.

Limited Awair Baby Edition

Awair Glow is priced at just $99. Awair has the Limited Awair Baby Edition which is specially designed for nurseries and kid’s room and it comes in two colors: Ocean and Baby Rose, available for $159.

Wrap up

Awair easily works with other devices like Nest and Alexa to automatically keep your air clean and healthy. Awair Glow has a companion app that runs on both iOS and Android devices. The app lets you take full control and manage things and track major changes every day. Awair lets you turn on your AC, humidifier, purifier, or even a fan, from a distance. For that, all you need is a wi-fi connection.