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Avegant Glyph Headphone – The Strangest Headset that Pairs High Quality Audio with Immersive Video!

Glyph Headphone

The Avegant Glyph Headphone is an innovative headset that is close to virtual reality that is not virtual reality. It delivers a terrific semi-immersive video experience and blends it with high-quality audio. Working as a surreal hybrid between headphones and video projectors, Avegant Glyph displays images straight into the eye while the headphones give an similar experience to the ears.

As the gadget becomes a video headset that leverages phone or PC content directly into eyes, it certainly has gained much attention with a strong $9.3 million investment, led by Intel.

The Glyph Headphone uses digital light projection that delivers an image resolution of 1280 x 720 while the perceived image quality is much better. The headset is lighter than the earlier versions launched by the company and the nose bridges have been tried and tested multiple times. One can state that the ergonomics are not that user friendly but the company is still working on the final design. But rest assured, as per analysts, the image quality is very good and the experience is reasonably satisfying too.

The Experience with the Glyph Headphone

  • Several 360 degree videos filmed aboard a fighter jet gave a comprehensive view of the surroundings without any perceivable latency.
  • Playing video games on the Glyph Headphone is tricky because of its ergonomic faults but Alien: Isolation played brilliantly well. It does not cover from all sides which allows users to use control keys on the laptop too.
  • With a pair of headphones, one can watch movies immersively and Avegant seems to be headed in the right direction
  • With a GoPro camera strapped in an RC car, one could watch and listen to it real time and view what the GoPro is filming.
  • Watching with a drone is one of a kind since a camera 40 meters high can feel mesmerizing to the users to say the least

Although the stuff is great with VR headsets, one can expect the new design Jellyfish provides better ergonomics to handle.

Basic Features and Benefits offered

Avegant Glyph Headphone

  • The audio quality of the Glyph is brilliant and the supporting tech is fascinating
  • The headset does deliver a beautiful private theater experience because of its unique “Retinal Imaging Technology”
  • Avegant Glyph Headphone strikes a balance between real immersion and surrounding awareness. One can actually slip a glance beyond the headset if necessary during gaming or other tasks. To take a sip of coffee is easy wearing it and one does not have to get out of the experience to be aware of the surroundings
  • If one is not feeling comfortable wearing it in public places, one can actually slid it down to headphone mode and give others a Beats headphones impression.
  • Those living with others can have a hard time to watch some personal content and the Glyph provides the experience easily.

Is it available at the right price and compatible with other gadgets?

With a price of US$599 – $699, one can convert their existing smartphone or tablet with HDMI for a immersive experience although Samsung gadgets are not compatible. Glyph can be the answer if you do not want to disturb others with your games. With drone piloting on the cards, one can pilot a flying robot inside, near your own senses. This is an immersive video experience at its best as you can see what the drone will see.

Even the image quality is brilliant and with 3D support and head-tracking feature, the Glyph can deliver experiences you would have only imagined.