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Auxillite – Now Listen to Music while Charging your Phone


The latest jackless smartphone design has created quite a stir in the smartphone market. Unless you’re planning to buy one of those easy-to-lose and pricey wireless headphones with limited battery life, you can’t charge your phone while listening to audio from wired headsets. But thanks to Auxillite, you will not need to compromise. This 2-in-1 Digital-to-analog converter effectively solves the headphone jack issue.

The Auxillite converter is designed as a solution for charging and listening on smartphones that don’t have the 3.5mm audio jack. The Auxillite external digital-to-analog converter attaches to 3.5mm jack and lightning ports, allows you to play audio and stay charged at the same time. With the help of Auxillite, you can easily stay connected and fully charged no matter where you are.

Auxillite with Compact and Portable

Auxillite’s compact 8mm design makes it the most portable and sleek add-on device in the market. Compatible with every 3.5mm headphones and most phone cases. Auxillite’s light finish matches your smartphone with maximum resistance to wear and tear. It aims to restore the standard 3.5mm headphone jack to your smartphone and to resolve the problem of charging and listening to music at the same time. A lot of focus was put into each small, intricate detail while designing Auxillite. It is made with the technology that’s so compact you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

Auxillite’s Powerlite turns on while you are charging your smartphone. The converter transfers 12w of power and supports quick charge to ensure great compatibility. The Auxillite S comes with an adjustable stand, so it can be set to landscape or portrait positions to enhance the viewing experience. It comes with extra anti-slip properties that keep your smartphone stationary on flat surfaces.

Things you’ll find on the iPhone Version:

  1. Listen & Charge: The dual functioning adapter lets you charge your smartphone while using it.
  2. LED Indication: Powerlite turns on while charging.Case Compatible: The sleek 2 in 1 converter dimensions complement the majority of smartphone cases available in the market.
  3. Water Resistant: IP67 certified, Powerlite’s dust and water resistant technology allow users to have the occasional slip-up, be it in the toilet, bath-tub, or beyond.
  4. Noise Cancellation: Eliminate ambient noise and enhance your headphone audio quality with Auxillite.
  5. Cable Organiser: You can easily wrap your 3.5mm headphone cables around the stand, for easy storage on the go, which is an added advantage for Auxillite S users.

Specifically Designed for Android

There another version is specifically designed for Android devices. The Android version simply makes your audio experience even more pleasurable. The features in the iOS and the Android version are similar, but there is one addition in the Android version on Auxillite:

  1. Quick Charge: It’s cutting-edge design delivers lightning-fast charge, keeping you connected around the clock.
  2. 24-bit Enhanced Audio Technology: Increase your audio quality even further with Auxillite and listen to fresh, crisp sound.

Comes in Four Colors

With Auxillite you don’t need to replace your high-quality headphones for wireless earbuds that are costly and easy to lose. We’ve worked out the kinks with the audio jack, so you don’t have to. Auxillite is available in four different colors: Silver, Black, Rose, Gold. It will cost about $15 and will be shipped in January 2017.