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Now Enjoy Sound & Uninterrupted Sleep with Aura Connected Alarm Clock by Withings

Aura Connected Alarm Clock by Withings

The world is witnessing a new technological invention every day. With a plethora of companies launching the latest smartphones with the most modern mobile apps, the application industry is inundated with mobile apps that are enabling people to carry out a variety of tasks. Health monitors, to-do apps, expense calculators, fitness trackers – smartphone users have a lot to choose from.

Falling asleep and waking up Made Easy

Spotify, the popular Swedish commercial music streaming company has partnered with French consumer electronic company Withings to launch a new bedside light and sound device called Aura Connected Alarm Clock. Aura Connected Alarm also functions as a table-lamp and makes falling asleep and getting up an easier and comfortable process.

Incredible Features of Aura Connected Alarm

  • Aura Connected Alarm possesses dynamic lighting, high quality speakers, auto-dimming display, touch sensitive interface, environmental sensors and a 3 USB ports for charging.
  • It enables people to fall asleep quickly and ensures they wake up feeling happy and energized.
  • It analyzes user’s sleep patterns and employs curated playlists that are best suited for their needs.
  • Through Aura Connected Alarm, users can access Spotify’s entire catalogue of more than 30 million songs.
  • Users can customize the playlist according to their taste and access the song recommendations when the alarm rings.
  • This allows for soothing tunes to be played while the person is transitioning from the dream state to reality.
  • Users also have the freedom to choose a different alarm for each day of the week, making the entire Aura experience more pleasing.
  • The custom made recommendations are created incorporating user’s music preferences in addition to their sleep cycle.
  • Aura Connected Alarm also has a Nest integration which enables the system to continuously adjust the thermostat and maintain a comfortable ambient temperature.

How it Works

  • Aura Sleep Sensors monitor lighting and noise in the room that affect the user’s sleep patterns.
  • The sleep sensors that can be tucked under the mattress analyze the user’s sleep cycle and provide a comprehensive view of their night’s sleep with a breakdown of number of hours of deep sleep, light sleep, REM and total number of hours in bed.
  • By automatically adjusting light levels and sound volume, Aura Connected Alarm provides a delightful waking up experience.
  • It also aggregates sleep data from sleep sensors around the world and analyzes how effective different songs are in aiding people get out of bed.
  • Aura Connected Alarm uses red lights and soothing songs when the person is falling asleep and changes to blue lights and personalized songs that the user selects as their alarm tone for waking up.  Blue lights are known to secrete the hormone melatonin responsible for ensuring a peaceful sleep-wake cycle.

Compatible with Android and iOS

Aura Connected Alarm Clock is priced at $189.95 and is available for purchase on and the Withings website. For a complete sleep monitoring experience, users can purchase the Aura Sleep Sensor for an additional price of $129.95. Both the alarm clock and the sleep sensor are compatible with Android and iOS devices through the Withings Health Mate app. However, in order to have access to the Spotify playlist, users need to have a premium membership with Spotify.

Stay Energized All Day

According to Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings, 79% of Americans believe that a bad wake-up experience can ruin their day. Aura Connected Alarm has been crafted by coupling sound and light sensors with Spotify’s musical choices so that people can have a better start to the day and stay energized all day long.