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Monitor the Air Around You with Atmotube – The Portable Air Quality Tracker


With the industrial revolution and the deluge of automobiles, air pollution is at an all-time high. Additionally, several products like paints, lacquers, varnishes, disinfecting products, furnishings, glues and adhesives release volatile organic compounds into the air. The presence of such harmful gases in the air is results in a variety of health-related issues like eye, nose and throat infections, headaches, and nausea. As more and more dangerous components get released into the air, there is a high risk of respiratory infections, heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. Humans unconsciously take approximately 20,000 breaths every day and are completely oblivious to the ill-effects on their bodies.

Atmotube Monitors the Air Around You

In a bid to raise awareness about indoor and outdoor air quality, the makers of Atmotube crafted a device so people can make the right choices every day and live healthier.

Atmotube is a wearable air quality tracker that constantly monitors the environment around.

It has the ability to accurately measure air pollution, and identify presence of wide range of volatile organic compounds and harmful gases like Carbon Monoxide. It is not only helpful to people who are battling asthma and lung disease but also for young children and the elderly.

Multi-Gas Sensor

Atmotube has a unique multi-gas sensor built in with ultra-low power consumption, high sensitivity and fast heating times. Using advanced algorithms, this sensor provides real-time measurements and supports gas discrimination, temperature & humidity drift compensation, and self-calibration. It can also be used as a CO2 equivalent sensor to monitor and track CO2 levels in the air around you.

Aesthetic and Compact Design

Atmotube incorporates an aesthetic and compact design with a Karabin type clip, making it easy for users to carry it wherever they go. Being the most compact air quality tracker in the market today, the Atmotube is shaped in the form of a cylinder and resembling the size of an AA battery. Atmotube is made from titanium that gives it the robustness. The airflow mesh at the top captures air from the atmosphere. The RGB multi-colour LED indicator displays the different statuses of the Atmotube.  A button on the side of the Atmotube allows users to use the device in the spot-check mode in order to find the exact source of pollution.

Corresponding Mobile App

Atmotube Mobile App

While the Atmotube does the job of capturing the surrounding air, real-time measurements of the air-parameters are accessible through a mobile app. A personal air score feature in the app motivates users to avoid the most polluted places and live a healthy life. Users can choose to receive alerts on their app when the air around them is not safe.

Now on Indiegogo

Atmotube is currently on Indiegogo and is pledged by around 700 backers. Atmotube has reached 147% of its pledged value and is currently available for pre-order for $79. Available in 5 colours, pink, peach, white, grey and black, Atmotube will start being manufactured in January 2016 and will be shipped from March 2016.

Breathe Good Quality Air

If you often get headaches when you are out on the streets or if your eyes burn when you’re on your way to work – chances are, the air in the environment around you is polluted and is not only causing you discomfort but is also resulting in various health-related problems for you. If that’s the case, then Atmotube is the perfect device for you that tracks the air in the atmosphere and provides you real-time measurements with respect to air-pollution, temperature and humidity helping you breathe good quality air and helping you live a healthier life.