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Aryzon: An Affordable, AR Cardboard Headset


Aryzon offers a portable and intuitive solution to Augmented Reality. It is designed to be lightweight and affordable. The Aryzon headset enables anyone that owns a smartphone. Aryzon offers you an experience to the limitless world of Augmented Reality. Aryzon is a Netherlands-based startup. The Aryzon augmented reality headset, which just started Kickstarter campaign, are attractively priced at $30 onwards. a low-cost entry into the world of augmented reality using a smartphone as the viewfinder.

Augmented Reality.

All the augmented reality content you see is attained by filming or photographing directly through one lens of the Aryzon headset. In Aryzon, there are no 3D effects that are manipulated. So what you see is what you get. You can think of AR as the addition of digital content that superimposes the direct view of your environment like holograms. It can be used as a tool to educate, entertain, and innovate through creative and immersive use of the surrounding.

Uses Your Smartphone.

Aryzon uses the power of your smartphone to provide the AR experience. It uses a mix of sensor data and your camera which allows the software to perceive and track the exact surroundings. The camera of your smartphone is supposed to recognize and track the provided radial target image. This in turn creates a link between the holographic image and the target image.

Creates A Full Of life 3D Image.

The stereo image on the display is brought into focus before your eyes. This is done using a mirror, lightweight stereoscopic lenses, and combiner glass. It creates a vivid 3D holographic image and you can view it from any angle. The projections are made to come into the sight at a realistic distance using the right algorithms. This is done to give a real augmented reality experience. It’s software allows it possible for the users to interact with the models like users can scale, rotate and navigate in augmented reality.

Uses Everyday Material.

It is combines a everyday materials like cardboard, in order to keep it affordable. The AR headset has a Do-It-Yourself style. This allows it to arrive straight through your letter box. This keeps the shipping costs as low as possible. It has also got the instructions on how to fold and assemble the Aryzon headset.

Process Of Creating Aryzon.

  1. Exploration: The company started from a single idea. They then started to explore the best ways they could bring AR to everyone.
  2. Sketching: Sketching has helped in getting a good understanding of what configurations are possible in the creation of it.
  3. Modeling: They then created digital layouts. This allowed them to create many iterations.
  4. Prototyping: They have used cardboard a lot in creating Aryzon, which is a fun material to work with.
  5. Optimization: They then refined and optimized their work which led them to the creation of it.

The Aryzon App.

You will also receive free access to the Aryzon app. The app introduces you to augmented reality, and connects you with other Aryzon users. It also gives you continuous updates for new AR experiences. It is supports both Android and iOS devices in order to make it as accessible as possible.

The free Aryzon app allows you to view your own 3D CAD models in AR. It also makes it possible to view any CAD model in true 3 dimension. The app shows it up to scale and in the actual context of your environment. It is trying to implement features like animations, exploded views, annotations etc.

It is app works as a content sharing hub and allows pledgers to get access to a wide variety of AR experiences. These experiences can be created and shared by anyone, be it- developers, 3D modellers, or you. It is  makes use of target images in order to track the environment and places AR content on its top.


Aryzon promises to offer a stunning AR experience for literally 1% of the cost of the $3,000 Microsoft Hololens.