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AQUA+ Offers A Powerful And Tangle Free Listening Experience


AQUA+ is a pocket device. Along with the powerful audio quality it also sets you free from a specific music playing device. The future of music is wireless. With the new AQUA+, you can keep using your favorite headphone.

Maximum Audio Performance.

Nexum has created a new wireless pocket amplifier called AQUA+. It is not only small and compact. But it also provides powerful 32-bit amplification. It offers maximum audio performance and a tangle-free listening experience, according to the developers.

About Nexum.

NEXUM is a team from Taiwan which was established in 2013. It focuses on wireless audio technology. NEXUM has never failed to impress music lovers with innovative audio products. Listening to music has become an unavoidable part of our daily lives. NEXUM strives to bring high quality music at an affordable price. It wants to offer the best listening experience in every possible way.

Personal Device.

AQUA+ works everywhere, even when you are on the go. It keeps your focus and lets the beats flow in your office. And allows you to be active by keeping your hands free to enjoy the speed. It has great details. So it can be used as a personal entertainment device for gaming and movie experience.

32 Bit Depth.

Normally, 24 bit audio is considered as high resolution. But AQUA+ takes it a step further to bring Sample Conversion Rate to 32 bit depth. There is less information loss during the process of conversion. Due to this, the HiFi DAC are able to capture more accurate data and reproduce these values to play them back in the same order and at the same rate. It does that at the same rate they were captured for you to accurately hear the complete recreation of the original sound source.

Comes In Three Colors.

AQUA+ allows wireless charging. Its battery can go up to 8 hours. AQUA+ is now available to back via Kickstarter. There is an early bird pledges starting from just $99 and delivery expected to take place during November 2017. It is available in three colors: Sublime Gold, Midnight Black, and Radiant White.