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Apple HomePod: Apple’s Foray into Smart Speaker Became Just Real

Apple HomePod

Finally, the Apple HomePod is just ready to hit the market. After long waiting since Apple offered us the first glimpse of the device months ago in WWDC, we finally have the smart speaker ready with everything put in place in the meantime. Just after getting used to Google Home and Amazon Alexa, users expectations from this new Apple product are likely to be huge and uncompromising. But well, we need to focus on the basics and then all the smart aspects that we were always expecting all these times.

HomePod basics

HomePod is the first smart speaker from Apple that looks a bit like the 7-inch-tall Mac Pro with mesh fabric covering the exterior. As far as the design is considered, it doesn’t offer us much to talk about. But on the other hand, it comes packed with an array of high-quality audio components ranging from seven tweeters arranged in the bottom while the 4-inch woofer is positioned in the top to manage the delicate ups and lows of the music. Coupled with the smart abilities, it can acoustically analyze the surroundings in order to optimize sound output. In last analysis, it is not less than a powerful little speaker. The speaker is available for pre-orders now, and the shipping will start from 9th of next month.

Setting it up is exceptionally easy

When it comes to the setting up of the AirPods and syncing with other Apple devices, it allows almost instant effect. The iDevice will be able to recognize the HomePod close to any Apple device and instantly guide setting it up. Your permission will be sought in case you want the HomePod to take calls, access messages and so on. From the very start to the finish, the setup process takes not more than a minute.

Exceptional sound output

To deliver an awesome sound output, the speaker is equipped with a whole array of advanced components, and the sound output is exceptionally good. Running through several tests across various requirements and expectations to meet, HomePod is likely to be considered the best sounding smart speaker in comparison to the competition. The best thing about the HomePod is how different layers of songs and music are presented and highlighted. The second most important thing is how it adjusts the sound output on the basis of surroundings. This intelligent environment conscious sound output is the real catch of the HomePod.

What’s about streaming music?

There is one point that can pull your enthusiasm about the new HomePod down, and it is nothing but the streaming music support that it lacks. Apple Music is the only native streaming music service supported by HomePod, and for others you need to use an AirPlay connection. Do you want to pair your stereo to play the same music through HomePod? Or, do you want to play the music across speakers spread in various rooms? Well, such features are still waiting and are about to come with updates scheduled later this year.

What about working with Siri commands?

We all know that Siri is the smart assistant that accompanies all Apple devices to make interactions easier, smarter and intelligent. While the same is going to happen with Apple HomePod as well, there are several visible limitations we have sensed with the Siri output of HomePod. Well, it can quickly connect and play some news stories and can even draw or retract the smart blinds with a single command, it still lacks razor-sharp precision with a lot of choice options as with Google Home.

Now when coming to the limitations, the Siri of HomePod cannot determine the speaker based on the voice. This will minimise your chances of using the speaker based on personal preferences. In comparison, both Google and Amazon smart speakers thanks to their early start evolved for some time and now are available at lower price points and with smaller options like Home Minis or Echo Dots. HomePod seems to be less equipped to take on the competition with a range of features, several speaker options and price points.

Final verdict

But finally, when you need a speaker with best sound output ever you came across in the evolving smart speaker market, there is not a better and more feature rich option than HomePod. We can expect that in the time to come HomePod will evolve to accommodate more features, ease of use and variety of speaker options with different price points.