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Anki Overdrive – The All New Robotic Battle-Racing Experience

Anki Overdrive

Anki has been dedicated to creating consumer entertainment experiences and bring artificial intelligence and consumer robotics into our lives since it was founded in 2010. And now, it has gone ahead and announced its latest iteration of smartphone-controlled robotic car racing game. It is a slot of cars just perfect in an age of smartphones and is the ideal combination of smartphones and physical toys. The Anki Overdrive is the upgraded version of the previous Anki Drive and comes with modular tracks, improvised car designs, additional gameplay modes and a whole new range of AI personalities to battle against.

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

The Anki Overdrive is the first step you take into the world of robot battle racing. All you have to do is to open the Starter Kit, download the Anki Overdrive App, build your own battlefield and release two extremely unique robotic supercars into a quest. Each gamer must of course have an iOS or an Android device to play the game. This kit includes:

  • 2 Supercars
  • 6 90° Curved Track Pieces
  • 4 Straight Track Pieces
  • 2 Riser Pieces
  • 1 4-Car Charging Platform
  • 1 Tire Cleaner

The Tracks

The Anki Overdrive is an upgraded version of the roll out tracks of its predecessor and has more Scalextric- like modular sections which enables one to create custom tracks. There are 10 sections in the starter kit itself and can be made into eight different tracks, the pieces of which are flexible and lock together with the help of magnets. Additional perks such as jumps and intersections and you just think of it, will be available separately.

The Car

Although older cars can still be used on the new upgraded tracks after a software update, the design of the new cars themselves are also seen to have gone through significant changes. What’s more is that, each car can be controlled by very distinct artificial intelligent personalities. Now, the cars will not only have their own driving skills and attitude, but they will also use their virtual weapons in completely distinct mannerisms. It has been heard that the cars will learn any new track layouts you build and that they get even better with every race that you put them through.

The Experience

Numerous new and interesting gameplay modes have been added to make the entire experience more like a video game. For instance, in the Arcade mode, gamers can now race and battle against each other as well as the computer, and in the Campaign mode, the gamers need to defeat a range of commanders in order to unlock achievements and challenges. This system allows for a variety of track layouts and is so much more fun than the original. As if this was not enough, the company just announced a range of six new cars, each with their unique traits and abilities.

When can you get it and at what price?

The Anki Overdrive will start shipping in the US, UK and Germany from September 20th this year and the starter kit which would include two cars, a four-car charger, 10 track pieces and two risers will come for US $150. The expansion packs and the accessories will be another $10 and $30. Even though it is about twice the price of a modest slot car track, gamers earn points and achievements and the cars get faster and better with every race. It’s a rad system and seems to be worth the price of admission.