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Analogue NT Mini – The Value Packed Retro Game Console at a Cheaper Price

Analogue NT Mini

With there is no sign to stop the Nintendo fever and the reigning sensation of Pokemon Go, a cute little game console to play all the Nintendo games is sure to become a great Christmas gift, especially when it is available at an unbelievably cheap price.

Yes, it not only takes original Nintendo cartridges but also offers compatibility with most of the game playing accessories. Enter Analogue the Seattle-based that acquired already a reputation for developing retro game consoles at an affordable price is behind this new console. NT mini is a much slimmer and lightweight version of the Analogue NT and the best part is that the game playing console is available almost at a throwaway price.

Plug n’ Play Design

When you consider design, the Analogue NT Mini keeps the original premium grade aluminum build while offering much slimmed down hardware. By slimming down at least by 20% it actually helped to make it more affordable. The plug n’ play design style is simple and effective for ready game playing.

Play NES Wirelessly

The accompanying epithet ‘mini’ itself is undoubtedly suggestive of the version that precedes a bigger one. Well, Analogue built it as a streamlined smaller model of the erstwhile NT launched in 2014. You can play the NES games with all the characteristic elements of action and visual effects with this. The wireless NES controller will allow playing NES wirelessly for hours on end.

Playing NES games on a smaller device does not compromise on value. The 1080p resolution of the game visuals offered by the Analogue NT Mini will ensure all the qualitative attributes of gameplay. You can even take on the options to tweak with the color palette, scaling of the visuals, the resolution and can stretch the game visual horizontally as it suits. Besides HDMI you can also choose from RGB, Component, S-Video and Composite hookups.

Sound & Compatibility

As far as the compatibility is concerned NT mini stands unparalleled. For all the NES games core functionalities are inbuilt. You do not see any lockout chips, blinking lights or limitations for regions. By using the same controller ports that are used in the original NES, NT Mini literally becomes more equipped technically. It also comes with an original Famicom expansion port. This allows total compatibility with all the authentic NES and Famicom hardware and accessories. You can enjoy gameplay by using NES Zapper or any of the Famicom hardware. As per the company statement, the gamers with this console will be able to play more than 2,000 game titles.

Technical Specs of Analogue NT Mini

As for technical specs, the console with a small hardware ensures robust performance and value packed gaming experience with advanced specs in each category. Here we mention the most important specs of NT Mini.

  • NES and Famicom compatible
  • No restrictions corresponding to region
  • Other video options available are RGB, Component, S-Video and Composite
  • Support for NTSC (60Hz) and PAL(50Hz)
  • 48KHz 16 bit audio output
  • Digital audio output through HDMI
  • Battery life lasting up to 20hr for unperturbed play
  • Sleep mode activated automatically after 15min of inactivity
  • Wireless controller requires no separate charging as it takes power from the NT Mini
  • The console can allow at a time 4 players for gameplay
  • There is also a Famicom expansion port
  • To charge the game controllers there is separate USB port

What’s in the Box for the Buyer?

Well, as a buyer of this game console what you get inside the box? Let us have a look at these.

  1. Analogue NT Mini console
  2. 8Bitdo NES30 Controller
  3. Retro Receiver for NES
  4. HDMI cable
  5. USB cable
  6. 4 different power supply sockets

Price & Availability

In more ways than one, this smaller console is at par with the original, whether in specs, features or in respect of compatibility. The only advantage for the buyer comes in respect of a mellowed down price of $449.