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Amps Air – New Sweat Resistant Wireless Earbuds By Sol Republic

Sol Republic Amps Air

The Sol Republic, the Michigan-based audio manufacturer company just release a pair of wireless earbuds last week. The ‘Amps Air’ wireless earbuds, as they are called, are aimed at the same users Apple is catering to with its upcoming AirPods. The Amps Air earbuds promise great sound quality and come with a charging case, which can also be used to charge your smartphones.

The Amps Air earbuds are crafted in a way to fit your ears perfectly, without compromising on the comfort. They are made with a good quality silicon and covered in the rubber material. The earbuds provide good sound quality, are sweat and rain resistant, and have an amazing battery life.

Sweat Resistant and Cozy Design

The Amps Air earbuds are designed using a silicon sleeve with a tapered glove. They are covered in a rubber material that feels soft against your skin. This latest earbuds have grooves that grip the ear for a secure and comfortable fit. They also allow airflow to reduce sweat build up while you are working out.

The Amps Air earbuds have a large button on the part of the earbuds that exposed when you wear them. This button acts as a Power button and also lets you control, music, calls, and Siri. The Sol Republic claims that the earbuds are sweat resistant. The matte material won’t make them slippery, at the same time maintaining the comfort level.

Strong Features of Amps Air

  1. Sound Quality: The Amps Air earbuds use SOL Republic’s signature sound alluring deep base and awesome clarity. The earbuds manage to give detailed highs that you normally hear in high-end smartphones. From the 4 different ear tip sizes, you can choose the perfect in-ear seal that suits you best. With maximum isolation, listen to music without the noises around you.
  2. Sweat & Rain Resistant: The Amps Air earbuds will provide you with high-quality music, even while you’re dripping with sweat or rain.
  3. Fits Properly: The specially designed air grooves on Amps Air earbuds grip the ear and also allows airflow to reduce sweat build up. It makes sure that the earbuds fit in your ears properly and are comfortable at the same time. The silicon sleeve on the earbuds provides comfort all day long.
  4. Controls: The Amps Air earbuds come with a large button on the earbuds that can help you control the music or call on your phone. The button does play/pause if you are listening to music, a press will answer or end the call, while a long press will decline it.
  5. Battery Life: The Amps Air earbuds provides up to 3 hours of playtime per charge.
  6. Power Case: Along with the Amps Air earbuds, you get a sleek travel case with a built-in 2200mAh battery. The battery charges your earbuds more than 15 times for and can be used for more than 45 hours.
  7. Portable Phone Charger: The power case with the built-in 2200mAh battery and USB port can also be used as a portable charger for your smartphone.

Priced at $20 more than Apple’s Airpods

The Amps Air earbuds are priced at $180 in the U.S. The launch date for the earbuds is yet to be announced. But you can buy them on Sol Republic’s website, BestBuy, and Amazon. There has been no word on the UK or Australian pricing yet. The Amps Air earbuds come in three different colors: Rose Gold, Rich Teal, and Deep Blue.


The Amps Air earbuds are an addition to the growing list of wireless earphones. The wireless earphones are basically wearables. With the stylish look, comfortable design, resistance against sweat, and great sound quality, Amps Air can easily be on the best wireless earphones we can get in the market.