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Amazon Kindle Oasis – Get into a Book-reading Frenzy Today!

Amazon Kindle Oasis

With the increasing craze of reading, e-reading, kindles have now become like a toast with a coffee. It is a travelling companion for all commuters and a bed side friend for all night owls. In this tech-world, every technology company is moving forward to building more and more user friendly and comfortable products. Though some are taking the safe route of incremental change, Amazon has just pulled back the curtain to reveal the Kindle Oasis that outperforms all others in the race. Readers now have a reason to get pumped.

Its worth noting upfront, the device has a very funky aesthetic, is as slim as a paper and yet it packs the longest battery of any e-reader ever made. As mentioned by Amazon, the complete bundle is made with one goal in mind, which is to let the hardware least visible so that the readers can get deep into their stories. Of course, the lightness of the Kindle is an eye-catchy feature, but the price is not as lighter, starting with a minimum price of $290, it has made its position among the most costly digital devices. Well, supporting to the lightness and looks of the kindle, it contains the longest battery life because of the leather charging cover boosts that justify the price to a certain extent.

Features and Specifications of Kindle Oasis

Amazon has reached a point in achieving a monopolistic market control. Here are the reasons why:

  • The Amazon Kindle Oasis has an enhanced adjustable light that evenly illuminates the screen to provide reading comfort anywhere at any time.
  • High resolution 300 ppi display laser quality text without glare is one thing we cannot miss considering.
  • The Handgrip tapers to an ultrathin 0.13’’ display. Because of the placement of the grip, the lighting now spread evenly over the screen flowing from the side by something Amazon called a “cylindrical refractive pattern”.
  • Dual battery charging mechanism: Device and the cover can be simultaneously charged. When low with device charge, the cover automatically recharges the device providing a long battery life.
  • With the new ergonomic buttons, you can effortlessly turn pages. Picking up the Kindle via an ergonomic grip shifts the center of gravity towards the palm of your hand.
  • Premium leather cover: the cover is attached to the kindle like a book cover which when opened, wakes the kindle and when closed, puts it to sleep.
  • The front light uses 10 LEDs for illumination. The 6-inch touch screen is surrounded by symmetrical bezel.
  • Essentially discarding the previous designs – it is so slim and light that the rest of the device hardware seems to melt away.

The Verdict – Worth it?

Considering all the great specifications it has and the ease of reading, the value for money is not completely justifiable, especially for a single use device like a digital paper. You can get a very nice touchscreen tablet at one tenth the price, having numerous other functionalities within. These days, e-readers are so easily available with phones and tablets, so why buy a Amazon Kindle Oasis? Also, Amazon may have succeeded on improving all the brighter, smaller and thinner adjectives, but it seems to have skipped adding water resistance to the list.

Considering the massive engineering that went into it, the use-case scenarios responsible for Amazon coming up with the oasis may be targeting a certain range of users who would not mind lightening their pockets for appealing to their reading habits. It’s appealing to regular readers who search for a digital reading experience to feel more like holding a well-crafted book and are willing to pay a premium for it.