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Amazon Cloud Cam: The Smarter All-Day Security System For Your Home

Amazon Cloud Cam

For some time Amazon is continuously coming with innovative gadgets with its intelligent Alexa integrated into them. The latest addition in this list of Echo debi es is the Amazon Cloud Cam, an all-round security camera with cloud support to allow you monitor your home remotely all the time. Scheduled to be launched on 8th November Cloud Cam looks awesome to grab the space in the market of security camera systems.

Though the new Amazon Cloud Cam is not a first of its kind surveillance camera and although there have been few other cloud powered cams with the comparable features in the market, this one is all set to beat the competition with a few extra features and strengths almost on every front.

The best thing is the launch of the new cam almost merged with the new smart key service for Amazon Prime customers. This means a lot for Amazon echo system of services. While the goods will be delivered in your absence through the use of newly launched smart key, the Cloud Cam will confirm the delivery and will be able to send you real time notifications along with video clips. That sounds pretty awesome, isn’t it? But, the new cam can do a lot more to add to your piece of mind than ever envisaged by you. Let’s figure them out.

Features On Offer

Do you want to know what really this cloud powered surveillance camera is up to? Well, there are several features that made this camera an ideal catch. Let’s have a look at the things this camera can do.

Grab Every Moment

Amazon Cloud Cam offers unperturbed and continuous vigilance to ensure safety for your home. While the monitoring continues throughout the day, any activity and motion within the purview of camera will lead to an instant notification in your device. This will allow keeping a close watch on your home from anywhere.

Round The Clock Monitoring

The Amazon Cloud Cam allows you staying connected with your home round the clock through streaming 1080p Full HD video. Whether watching the activity of your kids or taking a look at your pets remotely, you can always have a look at the interior.

Clear Night Time Recording

Amazon Cloud Cam has eight infrared LEDs to allow you seeing clearly in a dark interior. Whenever the light is dim or not enough to ensure a clear view the algorithm of the Cloud Cam turns on the night vision and even at dark it ensures capturing the entire field view rather than a focus area.

Both Way Audio Output

The inbuilt mic and the speaker of the Cloud Cam allows you staying continuously in touch with your household sounds as well. You can say hello to the kids when they come from school or even can say the dog to stop barking.

Intelligent Alert Mechanism

Whenever any motion is detected you get an alert. Now based on the context and needs of the hour you can have highly customised notifications for different situations.

A Good Free Plan And More With Upgradation

With a free plan you can begin and can just watch last 24 hours of your recorded clips for free. For storing several days or a month long of clips and accessing them at your convenience you need to subscribe to any of the paid plans. The paid plans will also allow you customising alerts. For example, you can tell your camera to ignore certain motions or sounds and prevent sending notifications in those cases.

So Much Security With Few Dollars More!

Price starting with $119.99 for two-piece set, Amazon Cloud Cam is quite reasonably priced, especially if you consider the whole range of features it provides ranging from night vision, round the clock live streaming, recording of activities, 1080p video, two-way audio output, wide field view, and support through multi-platform Amazon Cloud cam mobile app. There is also a triple pack version which is priced for $289.99.

Final Verdict

If you want a very updated and truly smart surveillance system for your home that offers absolute value for money, Cloud Cam is a better choice. It is several notches ahead of its competitors in regard to wide spectrum of security features and ease of use.