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Akyumen Holofone – A Phablet with a Built-in Projector

Akyumen Holofone

The smartphone boom! Everywhere you look around, hoardings, newspapers, TV commercials, and mailers – everyone around you is selling smartphones. While it is highly likely that you own one of the best phones in the market, there are several others offering features that are absent in your phone. So what feature do you think California based Akyumen is offering with their latest phablet which your phone doesn’t have? A built-in projector!

A Built-in Projector

Akyumen Holofone

Yes, you read it right. Akyumen, a California based innovative technology company that believes in converting ideas into products, has recently announced the launch of its 7-inch phablet called the Akyumen Holofone. The Akyumen Holofone has a built-in projector that projects content from the phablet onto any surface. The projector lamp is housed on the back of the phone, and has the capability to beam an image as big as 16 foot from end to end.

Notable Features of Akyumen Holofone

  • The Akyumen Holofone offers great portability, enabling users to carry their own projector with them wherever they go.
  • Even in a dimly lit room, the Akyumen Holophone has the ability to offer a crisp and clear picture.
  • While you might not get an HD-quality movie watching experience, the Akyumen Holophone is perfect for an evening with friends or an office meeting.
  • With the projector in continuous use, the Akyumen Holophone offers a battery life of 2 hours, which can be extended by connecting the phone to the USB-C connector.
  • With the mini-HDMI slot, users can also connect the phablet into their TV or an external monitor.
  • Akyumen Holophone runs Windows 10, so users can enjoy all the great features that it offers, most notably the split screen feature that lets users switch to another app or a website while giving a presentation.
  • Akyumen Holophone has been designed using nano technology and heat dissipation that ensures the phone can run for a long time without burning users’ hands.

Not a First

While the concept of a phone with a built-in projector might sound new to you, the Akyumen Holophone is not the first device to boast of one. In 2012, Samsung had launched a phone called the Samsung Galaxy Beam that had its own projector and operated on the Android operating system. However, the phone didn’t have a very wide release and did not enjoy much success in the competitive smartphone market. With a technology major like Samsung having had a not-so-good experience with its projector phone, it will be interesting to see what the future for Akyumen Holofone beholds.

Tech Specs

  • Display: 7 inch, 1080p high definition
  • Processor: Quad core Intel Cherry Trail 8300
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Storage: 256 GB or 128 GB, no external storage option
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Rear Camera: 13 MP
  • Front Camera: 5 MP
  • Battery life: 3500 mAh
  • Sensors: GPS
  • Ports: USB, mini HDMI
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Networks: 4G (LTE), 4G (HSPA+), 3G (HSDPA/CDMA), Edge/2G (GSM/GPRS)

Costs a Fortune

While the Akyumen Holophone might be responsible for a major transformation in the smartphone industry, the phablet doesn’t come cheap. The Akyumen Holofone is being sold in two versions: a consumer version that offers a whopping 256GB of storage and a student version that offers 128 GB of memory. While the consumer version is priced at $650, the student version costs $450.

Perfect for Group Viewing

If you fancy watching a movie with a group of friends or want to discuss the contents of your office spreadsheet with your colleagues, then the Akyumen Holofone is the perfect gadget for you. While its massive 7 inch display in itself is sufficient enough for multi-media viewing, its ability to project your screen on any surface increases its usability.