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AirTV Player – Android-powered Box for 4K Streaming

AirTV Player

In the end of 2016, Dish Network leaked its new AirTV brand. But just last week, it officially launched the AirTV with a streaming box and an optional over-the-air dongle that are optimized for Sling. AirTV revealed the 4K-compatible device, which initially comes loaded with Netflix, Sling TV, and YouTube apps at the CES 2017, held in Los Angeles.


The AirTV Player in an Android-powered box that combines the ability to stream online video services — including Netflix, Sling TV and other apps available in the Google Play Store — and access live over-the-air TV channels, too. The player can also access content via the Google Play Store and, with the purchase of the additional AirTV Adapter, integrate over-the-air channels — or TV channels accessed via antenna — to also be accessed via the device as well. You’ll require a TV antenna to utilize the Adapter’s features.

A Single Platform for your Favorite Entertainment

The AirTV Player provides you with a single platform to access your favorite entertainment while maintaining that familiar TV experience. You can easily access and browse your entertainment with one remote. On AirTV Player you can also enjoy the flexibility to order new services, download apps, and integrate different sources of entertainment and products that fit your lifestyle.

You don’t need to ditch the familiar experience of traditional TV, just bring it into the modern era of entertainment. AirTV Player gives you your favorite video and app content in one easy-to-navigate place with a guide, and just one remote to manage your AirTV Player, TV, and sound system. Get today’s expansive selection of entertainment without the complexity.

Voice Control and Remote Finder

The AirTV Player remote lets you search content with the sound of your voice. From genres to actor names and program titles, find what you’re looking for faster with voice support by AirTV Player. Say goodbye to endless browsing, and welcome instant gratification. With the help of remote finder, never lose the remote again. Just push the Remote button on the AirTV Player and your remote will light up and beep until you find it.

AirTV Player Offers a Lot

Now watch the pictures on TV like you have never seen. AirTV Player delivers beautiful picture quality to your 4K UHD or 1080p HD TV. Watch Sling TV, Netflix, local channels and more. The controls on the remote are easy to use. AirTV comes with easy setup, no waiting for cable installation or miscellaneous fees. Watch all your free, local broadcast channels – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, Univision, and others. One remote controls your AirTV Player, TV, and audio device.

Available Now

The AirTV Player is now on sale, and you can get it with the OTA adapter for $129.99. You can also get just the box itself for $99.99. Both these options come with $50 of Sling TV credit, for both new and current subscribers. If you just get the box first and then later decide to add the over-the-air channels, the adapter is available separately for $39.99.

AirTV offers you pro installation, which includes either indoor or outdoor antenna installation. The AirTV Player comes bundled with a $50 Sling TV credit. The AirTV will have to compete with other newly announced 2017 products such as Tablo Droid and Tablo Live, which aim to integrate antenna-based TV channels with online streaming options.