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Air: World’s First Carbon Nanotube True Wireless Headphones

Crazybabby air

Air by Crazybaby Inc. is the world’s 1st Carbon Nanotube True Wireless Stereo Headphones. At Crazybaby Inc. they believe wireless is the future of music. They spent the last 12 months putting their passion for perfection to the test. This way, they created the next generation of revolutionary wireless headphones. Air is the world’s first acoustic device to implement carbon nanotube technology. This is a major industry breakthrough. This will allow Air to have a comfortable, ergonomic design. All this, while looking, feeling, and sounding spectacular.

Designed for Incredible Sound.

The company has spent thousands of hours working with world-class acoustic labs and audio engineers. Their aim was to develop the very best wireless headphones. Air has been built with a 5.2 mm customized speaker driver. It utilizes a cutting-edge Carbon Nanotube diaphragm and the latest CSR chip. These features unite to deliver a design that immerses you in your music. You will hear the sound, they way it was meant to be.

Air guarantees a secure and comfortable fit for every user. They scanned and analyzed hundreds of ears as a part of their research. Then created a variety of size combinations to fit them. They created three “Sports Sleeves” for using with strenuous exercise. These are made with medical-grade silicone. These sleeves are ultra-light and skin-friendly.

Main Features.

  1. Battery Life: The Air offers 15+ hours of battery life. Air has what it takes to follow you through even your most eventful days, providing the soundtrack to your daily life. The full charge time for Air by crazybaby earbuds is within 2 hours.
  2. Options: Air comes in two color combinations: Black/Red and White/Blue.
  3. Amazon Dot Ready: Air is Amazon Dot ready. You can connect it even when you are far. Simply pair with your Amazon Dot to talk to Alexa, no matter where you are.
  4. Sweatproof: Air has a water-resistant rating of IPX6. Air will always be ready for the unexpected. Whether you’re training for a marathon or shredding a double black diamond, Air will work in any conditions.
  5. Stunning Acoustic Performance: They have improved upon their high standards of acoustic performance. Their team has worked tirelessly to guarantee high-quality sound clarity.

World’s First Carbon Nanotube Headphones.

The acoustic system was created by utilizing a carbon nanotube diaphragm. As a result of this design, the speaker driver is compact and durable. It comes with the ability to deliver ultra-fast responses for elegant, sophisticated sound.

In addition to this, the team also customized the 5.2mm speaker driver. This was done using industry-leading model analysis. Along with that, fine-tuning and adjusting the positioning and size of every element in the speaker chamber was done.

Bluetooth 4.2.

Air uses Bluetooth 4.2. It is the newest Bluetooth technology. This is done to give out crystal-clear stereo sound when it is paired with your device. This new Bluetooth protocol increases data transmission speed by 2.5x, data volume by 10x. For the first time ever it connects over IPV6 to decrease energy consumption and provide safer internet access. Air includes the latest embedded TWS (True Wireless Stereo) chipset. With the help of TWS, Air delivers high-performance sound without additional bulk.

Crazybaby App.

The Air has free iOS and Android Crazybaby apps. They will allow you to customize your EQ to hear exactly what you are looking for.

Available For Shipping.

Each pair of Air by crazybaby Air headphones comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Air by crazybaby earbuds can last up to 40 hours after a full charge. You can play music for 3 hours. Air can be used to talk on the phone for 2 hours. Air by Crazybaby Inc. have already started shipping and are shipped worldwide.