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Air Nano: A Bullet Shaped Earphone for Perfect In-Ear Listening

Crazybaby Air Nano

Wireless earphones of all types have already swept the market ranging from the leading Apple AirPods to several niches designed expensive ones that keep on coming.
But while Apple AirPods with $159.00 price tag is something we feel a little beyond the affordable limit the $89 Crazybaby Air Nano can be the perfect choice in all respects. It is a uniquely designed pair of earphones with really sophisticated sound and great design that fit your ears perfectly.

Beautiful design and perfect to fit ear holes

Air Nano is a designed-to-fit wireless earphones that just takes up your ear hole nicely without leaving any scope of falling off in any situation. The Air Nano, when packed within its case, looks more like a tiny capsule, and it comes in various sizes to fit every ear hole. It also comes in various colours.

The best thing about its design is the in-ear design that makes it tucked perfectly inside the ear hole for the perfect listening experience. What makes these earphones most interesting is that they are very tiny and easily droppable and so, they just slip into your pocket or purse like a non-entity. It is also designed to be splash proof meaning light rain and splashes of water won’t hurt it.

Charging case with backup power

Just as the Apple AirPods, the Air Nano earphones come packed with its own charging case. While the lair is capable to run for three hours at a stretch with just a single charge, the charging case holds up to 12 hours of battery power. The best thing about this case is its fast charging capability. Just a five minute of charge can deliver the earphones one and a half hours time of listening.

It is feature rich as well

Both the earpieces come with easy to use features and controls as well. The left earpiece of Air Nano offers full support for voice assistants, and by just pushing a tiny button there you can talk to your smart assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. The earpiece on the right-hand side has all the controls for the playback, and you can stop the audio with just one push, go to the next track by pressing the same button twice and rewind the same with three consecutive pushes.

Sound quality

Though it delivers stereo quality sound, the audio output is always not the optimum. The sound seems a little hollow and airy compared to what the Apple AirPods and other expensive options deliver. The bass is a little weak and less prominent as well. But as the in-ear earphone, it does its job pretty well in respect of blocking the surrounding noise to a great extent. But when it comes to listening detailed acoustic sound, it just falls short of the quality we get from Apple AirPods.

Pricing and crowdfunding

When it comes to the price, $89 seems pretty affordable as a price tag for a sophisticated in-ear designed earphone like Air Nano. If the audio performance which seems a bit lustreless does not make a problem, it can be a really smart choice in all regards. As far as the response in crowdfunding platform is concerned, on Indiegogo platform Air Nano already got a huge positive response overachieving its target of $50,000 and has received $815,000.

Hardware specs

It uses a classic and elegant bullet design that comes in in 10 different colors including black, white, red, purple, pink, matte gold, Austin yellow, Morandi blue, Atlantis green and volt green. It offers 12 hours battery backup packed with the charging case and 3 hours of battery life for the earpieces. It is splash proof to protect it from little water splashes and light rain.

Final verdict

Air Nano is perfectly designed for optimum in-ear stability and comfortable in-ear listening, and in this regard, it is a perfect earphone for activity sessions and sports like cycling, running, jogging, etc. This sports-fit strong in-ear design apart, it is exceptionally easy to handle with an easy combination of controls. The most lovable aspect is its affordable price tag which in comparison to many others in the market offers a good value for money. The only pulling factor is probably it’s not-so-good audio output.