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Acer Xplova X5 – The Intuitive Cycling Computer with Smart Video Recording Capability

Acer Xplova X5

The new Acer Xplova X5 was unveiled at the World Trade Center in New York as the company is gearing to stand strong in the midst of competition. Here is one intuitive cycling computer that is expected to start a trend in attracting health-conscious people to push their stamina and physical limits while cycling. What’s more, one can record interesting rides with specific triggers and thus do not have to focus on the same.

Acer Xplova X5 is one of the first intuitive cycling computers ever made, as it embeds an action cam into the design to trigger a recording with the ride data. That means that when the heart rate hits a specific level, or the ride takes a descent, the gadget will record three second snippets of video, ready to be stitched together if required and also fit enough for sharing on social channels.

Although the trigger is set to your heart rate and on some interesting curves, one can set the record operation manually too. The Acer Xplova X5 also includes turn-by-turn navigation, and the integral ability to download popular routes as necessary for travel. However, the built-in camera gets in the action as your desired without having to control it.

Xplova’s Cycle of Fortune!

Xplova, a subsidiary of Acer, launched the cycling computer, Xplova X5, for social cycling requirements.

Here are some of its coolest features:

  • It has the ability to monitor a rider’s heart rate
  • IT can provide GPS tracking and record scenes simultaneously
  • The design might seem outdated but the features outweigh style
  • IPX7 water resistant feature for resisting multiple weather conditions
  • The dashboard will display a biker’s metric state, GPS information, despite extreme temperatures and weather factors.
  • Xplova X5 also presents the rider’s performance data and displays metrics that they need through the dashboard which helps them to maximize and improve training efforts.
  • Cyclists can be sure that the device will be protected and functional always in all types of weather and even in heavy rains.
  • These metrics include heart rate, strength gauge, speed, and much more features.
  • One can display a comprehensive graphical analysis for comparisons of current statistics with previous ones.
  • The camera front wide-angle camera can record 720p videos with automatic 3-second videos on the trigger of a high heart rate.
  • Manual recording is supported with the maximum of eight video clips possible at a time. One can preview these videos even in sunlight.
  • Share the videos on social channels anytime and anywhere.

Additional Features

The Xplova X5 has an incredibly dedicated cloud system that synchronizes video content in the background It gathers information to provide users with smart routes based on points of interest.

Xplova X5 also works with the Xplova Moment App that includes some interesting features. The Find Me feature can be used to track other cyclists while Remember Me feature integrates videos for easier management. The Lead Me feature compiles and curates interesting roads and routes for Xplova users while Challenge Me is actually an online leaderboard that records the users’ lap times for competition. One can go head-to-head against better times thus working as a virtual challenger who pushes riders to improve their speed.

Availability and Price of Xplova X5

Xplova X5 is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2016. Based on the response to the innovation, the company will list down the price and other details.