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Acer Revo Build – The Upgradeable Mini PC that Rocks!

Acer Revo Build

Acer finally launched the intriguing Acer Revo Build at IFA 2015 which is a fantastic modular mini PC which is upgradeable with stackable blocks. This magnificent PC footprint occupies a footprint of just about 12.5×12.5 centimetres. It features a low-power Celeron Skylake chip and boasts of just about 32GB of flash storage. Additionally, the mini PC also includes 8GB of upgradeable RAM.

One can stack components like hard drives, wireless charging units and even varying graphic cards. Every block of Acer Revo Build includes magnetically aligned pins that connects different components. With a graphics card upgrade as part of the components, the PC can have plenty of speed available on tap.

Aside from the GPU block, Acer will be offering varied hard disk capacities of 500GB or 1TB, a speaker, microphone, and even a projector. The hard drives can be utilized independently and expected to be “rolled out gradually,” The pricing of each of the units has not been declared yet.

Acer Revo Build – The [Revo]lutionary Idea

  • Much alike Google Ara for smartphones, the idea behind the Acer Revo Build is quite neat since it allows for an upgraded GPU, and the new features would depend on the new blocks available.
  • The blocks are supposed to be priced competitively or else, tech-savvy users will prefer getting individual components themselves.
  • Razer’s similar Project Christine still does not have an actual release date but the Acer Revo Build is expected to be released this October.
  • Now one can build one’s own computer since even Phonebloks and now Acer is pushing the boundaries of the desktop.
  • The Revo Build Series will include adding of blocks on top of it. Just like Lego, one can add features and functionality to your desktop.

The Block-Building PC

Acer’s Revo Build Series offers that kind of upgradability, but in a way that is much easier than opening a PC. The downside to the entire process is that the offering is highly limited by the component blocks that is offered by the company.

The base version includes three USB 3.0 ports, an efficient HDMI port, a DisplayPort, and also an SD card reader for reading memory cards, and a headphone/ microphone jack to the entire system.

Acer is launching this first high-profile, consumer-focused block-based PC to the market and the company is gearing for developing more powerful core blocks in the near future. The series is expected to take off expectantly in emerging markets where the affordable base version would be targeted.

The prices of Acer Revo Build is expected to start at €249 in Europe, the Middle East, and even in Africa. A potential US release has not yet been announced, although expected by analysts.

Other products to be launched by Acer

  • The V Nitro series includes a USB Type-C port while the Black Editions will have ports that support Thunderbolt 3 standard with transfer speeds of around 40Gbps. All the new products can now transfer data by three times the speeds of earlier products.
  • Aspire V 13 features a 1366 x 768 display and upgradeable to 1080p touchscreen with 16GB of RAM. The models are priced from $599 while the V Nitro series starts at $999.
  • New Windows 10 machines will be launched by Acer including Aspire R 13, which is a desktop that can be used like a tablet. This model boasts the same connectivity features like the Aspire V machines. These low-power systems with 10-inch displays have the efficient Atom processors, and about 2GB of RAM. It is priced at $899, but no pricing is available for Switch line.