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8bitdo: Playing Fighting Games On The Nintendo Switch


The NES30 Arcade Stick is an ultra-compatible arcade stick. It features turbo and d-pad/joystick modes. 8Bitdo’s NES30 Arcade Stick is an easy-to-use and a user-friendly device. The controller weighs roughly three pounds. At the same time, it is light enough to easily carry around or have on your lap. Overall, the NES30 Arcade Stick is a well constructed and sleek-looking peripheral.

Bluetooth Connectivity.

The best thing about the arcade stick is its Bluetooth connectivity. The Hori arcade stick only works if it is directly plugged into the Switch dock. The 8Bitdo is free of this restriction. This is because it is wireless. You can use it with your friend on your own arcade sticks simultaneously in docked or portable mode. This is one feature that makes the NES30 arcade stick a superior device.

Pairing The Arcade Stick.

Pairing The arcade stick is super easy to pair with the Switch. You can pair it through Bluetooth or by plugging it into the dock with its USB cable. It’s easy to navigate the Switch’s main menu with the arcade stick. But there’s no Home button. So you will need to press down and the select button to return to the main menu. The controller also lacks a capture button. This means you can’t share any cool in-game moments on social media.

Works Really Well.

The NES30 Arcade Stick not only looks good, but it plays great. The joystick and buttons are very responsive. Because the buttons don’t have much resistance, there would be no problem pressing them down while playing. The joystick provides satisfactory resistance. But it is still loose enough to allow ease of movement. You won’t have to worry about your hands cramping up after long play sessions.

Playing On Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch is specially used for playing fighting games. Fighting games feel best when played on an arcade stick. The NES30 Arcade Stick works perfectly with your Switch. The NES30 Arcade Stick is designed to be as versatile as possible with each of your modern devices. Easily pair it as an X-input or D-input device via bluetooth. It can also be used as a wireless USB controller, thanks to the included USB cable. The arcade stick is highly customizable. People who like arcade stick will be glad to know that they can change the stick and buttons for Sanwa parts.

An Impressive Product.

The NES30 Arcade Stick is very impressive with its minimalist design. It has a solid build and is also very responsiveness. These things make it an excellent controller for Switch owners looking for a more genuine arcade game experience. It’s certainly worth the $80. Especially since it’s also compatible with PC, Mac, and Android devices. The 8bitdo NES30 Arcade Stick is an arcade-style Bluetooth game controller. It easily works with PCs, Macs, and even the Nintendo Switch.