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3Doodler Kids Pen – Now Children can Run their Imagination Wild

3Doodler Kids Pen

3D printers are becoming a rage the world across. While 3D printing finds major use in the business market, with several companies building modern and innovative objects, the trend is catching up with the casual user too. Although 3D printers that are designed for businesses are expensive and cumbersome, there are several companies that are introducing easy-to-use and simple 3D printers that enable the home-user to make the most of the top-notch technology.

A 3D Pen that’s Easy to Use

WobbleWorks, an emerging technology company, wanted to design an easy-to-use 3D printing device that could be used without the user needing any technical knowledge, software or computers. 3Doodler’s first model was built for the everyday user that enabled him to create several 3D objects. Shaped like a normal pen, it allowed users to draw anything in the air; from freestyle 3D sketching to tracing shapes from templates, users could run their imagination to make innovative structures and objects.

A Complete Makeover

While the first 3Doodler pen was designed more for adults, the 3Doodler Start offers improved features that make it the perfect asset for kids. 3Doodler Start is the world’s first 3D pen for kids. The new and improved design is sleek and is made from anodized aluminum casing that provides a great grip and feel. The dual speed control buttons allow kids to Doodle at their own pace. The nozzle has been redesigned that offers improved performance and facilitates the creation of high resolution and accurate Doodles. The fully-engineered drive system enables smoother and more consistent Doodling. The manual temperature optimization feature can be used for minor flow adjustments which result in expert Doodles. While with the earlier model, users faced issues such as extremely hot plastic, the new model incorporates enhanced technology that cools the plastic almost instantly.

Cool Features of 3Doodler Kids Pen

  • The 3Doodler kids pen is designed for anyone who can scribble, trace, or wave a finger in the air.
  • The pen is compact and easy to use, and needs no prior knowledge or expertise.
  • By turning the device on and inserting a plastic strand into the 3Doodler, kids can start drawing anything in the air or on a surface within minutes.
  • The 3Doodler kids pen releases heated eco-plastic that cools instantly into a solid object that has been visualized. There are no hot parts or messy resins or glue.
  • The 3Doodler plastic is made from food-safe materials and is non-toxic, making it perfectly safe for kids to use.
  • The 3Doodler can be charged using a USB cable and will run wirelessly for about 45-60 minutes.
  • The 3Doodler kids pen enables children to discover their intuitive ability and easily draw and create structures in 3D, from basic 3D shapes to more intricate designs like jewelry and decorative items.
  • The 3Doodler community page offers images, how-to videos and free stencils to make and master popular 3D designs.
  • Users can also choose from a range of accessories to enhance their Doodling experience, from a DoodlePad, to a Doodlestand, nozzle set, a portable power pack, project book and 3D pedal for longer 3Doodler projects.

Run your Imagination

The 3Doodler kids pen is available for a pre-order price of $39.99 while the MRP has been set for $199. Shipping is expected to begin from 31st May 2016. The pack includes a 3Doodler pen, packs of eco-plastic, micro USB charging cable and a start project book. The 3Doodler kids pen enables children put their creativity to best use. Who knows, the 3Doodler kids pen might as well transform a kid to an artist, hobbyist or 3D printing fanatic in the future.