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The Worst Products at International CES 2015

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

One more year, one more interesting outing for the International CES is over. From talented startups to major tech companies, the International CES 2015 saw some really innovative technologies in the field of wearables, home automation, audio equipments, automobile and many more. It is evident that with more than 20,000 new devices on display, there were some devices which may not see the light of day as they were ruled out by most of the tech promoters and enthusiasts alike. We have assembled some of the worst products at the International CES 2015 which you must check out to know why there is no scope for these products in future.

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2

You are probably the last generation who swayed to the songs of John Lennon and Pink Floyd on your old Sony Walkman, which felt way better than the best of iPods that we have at the moment. The reason being that now first of all we do not need a separate device for music, our expensive smartphones make up for that and they make sure that they don’t leave much budget for that music device you craved for in your early days. Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 is on the lines of those early Walkmans, considered a status symbol among the youth some 15 years ago. The new walkman comes at a hefty price of $1,200. Could you imagine shelling out more than a laptop’s budget for a music device when your smartphone, iPad, laptop and work PC all can play the music equally well. Not a wise choice from Sony to think that they can transport people back to the walkman era. Sorry Sony, you messed up big time with Sony Walkman NW-ZX2.


InBody device

The last thing you want in a weight management application or a fitness trackers is to not make things complex for the already lazy lot, the very people who were that lazy to workout and remember things needing your device in the first place. InBody is an innovative piece of technology which measures percent body fat, segmental muscle distribution and body water balance. The product is very well marketed as one which spreads awareness among users to understand their body weight and factors affecting their body weight and the improvements needed to improve their life. The machine is accurate but the main problem is how it shows the results. The charts showing the results to the users are too complex and not easy for a layman to understand it and getting used to it is a difficult task, well losing weight in itself is a tougher task at hand and adding one more complex task increases the overall unwillingness to use this machine.



Ever felt depressed in your dark surroundings and not getting enough sunlight? Well, happy news for you guys because we have a product which just matches your needs. Luminette is one such product which offers portable light therapy to the lazy and depressed ones in the morning or during those winter days when everything feels dull and gloomy. If you are someone who is suffering from SAD that is Seasonal Affective Disorder or looking for an alternative to coffee, Luminette is your go to device. I wonder though, how many people would want to invest in such a device? A couple of people among a thousand people? Maybe. The idea of the device is innovative and applause worthy, but the execution is a bulky device set on your delicate eyes. Consumers might not like to buy this product due to the design of the device and bulky exterior.

These are some products which tops our list of the worst products at the International CES 2015, your choices may differ and so we would suggest you to mention your list of worst products at CES 2015 in the comments below and we would update our list accordingly.