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What to expect from Facebook’s F8 developer conference


A few months ago, there were reports stating that the popularity of Facebook is going down and soon Facebook would fade away just like Orkut, but very few people would have imagined Facebook to bounce back and that too in a way that is beyond imaginations. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken this challenge like horse to water and he is not ready to leave a stone unturned for what is supposed to be Facebook’s biggest strength.

Facebook has announced the F8 developer conference starting today, where Facebook employees will be able to discuss the interesting projects and ideas that are on Facebook’s agenda for a year or two.

Facebook’s F8 Conference

This is not a regulation conference, it is Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference where you will get to see the developers, employees and common people witnessing Facebook’s plans for the future and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will roll out new plans at the conference. It has been a trend with Facebook that they come up with new ideas and tweaks at the F8 conference and this time will be no different.

Mark Zuckerberg introduced the “social graph” concept in 2007, referring to users’ connections on the social network. Four years later in 2011, Facebook unveiled Timeline, a chronology of users’ activity on their profile. And since then Facebook has made the users curious about what will be seen next at the F8 conference.

What to expect at Facebook’s F8 Conference 2015?

It is no secret that Facebook is been working on Drones just like Google and Apple are and Facebook is ready to reveal there plans of working on Drones and satellites, even lasers I have heard. But this is probably the agenda of tomorrow where Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer will lead a discussion on “drones, satellites and lasers.” These may sound a tad futuristic to you but that is indeed thrilling to know about the plans of the next five years and what kind of changes we might see on the technology front and even other companies can be wary of what is about to hit them.

This is what happened in 2013 F8 conference when Mark Zuckerberg announced, a service backed by Facebook established with the goal of getting dirt cheap internet access around the world and Facebook is still working on it and seems like even Google is fighting for that spot.

Virtual Reality and a new Ad service

As Facebook announced that it acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion, not many people understood and agreed with Facebook’s dream. Some thought that Virtual Reality does not fit into Facebook’s products and services.

Facebook is supposedly unveiling a rival to MoPub, the mobile ad exchange service that was acquired by Twitter last year. Facebook’s product would allow mobile developers to run their businesses from a single location and conduct ad transactions in real time.

So, we are very excited for the F8 developer conference to commence and we will surely be bringing you updates about what Facebook actually revealed at the conference.