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Top 5 Predictions for Google I/O 2016

Google io 2016

Google I/O 2016 is a day away and already expectations are keep mounting on the new announcements and improvements. This year from the reasonably hyped self-driving car to latest Android N upgrades to VR announcements and Project Tango, Google has quite a few up on its sleeve.

This annual developer conference from Google is considered as an exclusive and must-attend events for worldwide developers working in Android ecosystem. It is the event that allows developers rubbing shoulders with techies, CEOs, developers business strategists, marketers and enthusiasts. Google I/O 2016 is going to be a full three-day long event since 2013.

1. Android

android n google io 2016

Like every year at Google I/O, Android team will be at the forefront offering something “completely different” and amazing. Though, this year less amount of surprise is waiting for us as Google has already unveiled a bit of Android N. All that we can hope for are the still to come updates of Android N that Google scheduled to release in September this year.

Besides, Android N Google will have plenty to talk about on Android non-smartphone products like Android TV, Android Wear, etc. Google this year reportedly has big plans to unveil for Android wearable, particularly all new updated version of Google Glass.

2. Cloud

Cloud Google IO 2016

Google I/O in all these years has hardly been an event showcasing any cloud activity or development. But this year at the event Google Cloud Platform may take the center stage unveiling the latest range of advances from Google to allow cloud service groom up as more powerful, reliable and performance driven. An array of latest technologies offered by Google Cloud Platform will be discussed at length including machine learning with the use of Vision API, App Engine Flexible Environment, monitoring and diagnosis of StackDriver. etc.

While StackDriver monitoring is a Google sponsored multi-cloud tool allowing robust monitoring ability for applications and systems. This new cloud based monitoring will allow better application uptime, errors and latency. Google will also unveil the latest advancements in Cloud Vision API and Speech API allowing full-fledged models of machine learning from Google.

3. Games / Project Tango

Project Tango Google IO 2016

Google’s ambitious Project Tango smartphone has been displayed privately to developers at Mobile World Congress 2016 but it has not been in prime focus there. In the present Google event it is likely to get a lot more attention as it is destined to be launched for masses anytime soon.

In the discussion entitled “What’s New with Project Tango” how the device hardware works will be discussed. The exceptionally smart device can learn to remember few machine learned aspects to address for all future activities. This new smartphone project reportedly is going to have the biggest focus on Android game play. With a whopping two-thirds of the Google Play apps for Project Tango being only games, you can expect this to emerge as the next big move for Augmented Reality (AR) gaming.

4. IoT

IoT Google IO 2016

Connected devices are increasingly becoming widespread. Now for allowing users seamlessly communicating with them Google has come up with its new IoT platform designated as Physical Web. Physical Web is an open-source platform allowing easy and simple interactions among connected devices through the location sensor beacons Bringing device connectivity and interaction day to day life scenarios has been the primary motivation behind Physical Web.

5. VR

Google Cardboard

This year in Google I/O virtual reality gadgets and applications will have one of the biggest shares of attraction from the attending audience. As many as seven full sessions and a full content track have been dedicated to virtual and augmented reality in the event this year. In the main VR session Google will showcase its products and solutions besides unveiling the learning and plan for the near future. VR session in the event will also offer the focus on VR enabled Cinema and virtual reality (VR) games.

This year, Google is reportedly going to take its Cardboard device one step ahead by launching a new high-end version. According to many observers Google may launch a stand-alone VR headset as well that will not require any smartphone help. There are also strong expectations that Google will make the new VR device more capable. Moreover, Google is also working for an effective partner to produce most sophisticated VR devices.