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Samsung Unpacked Event – August 13, 2015

Samsung Unpacked Event

Samsung has brought in new versions of its products in its recent launch. With the innovations, the company is “geared” to showcase the latest set of technologies.

Samsung Unpacked Event | The Launch Photoshoot- Tacky or Inventive?

Samsung Unpacked Event announced the Gear S2 smartwatch and expected to complete the full announcement in the next month. But the Gear S2 is already being shown off through a fashion shoot, which includes weird history with high fashion being displayed through several tacky accessories. The gadget is partnered with fashion figures through the photoshoot. The Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 Edge+, along with upcoming smartwatch was launched at the recently-held Samsung Unpacked Event.

The Gear S2 smartwatch is technically the star of the Samsung Unpacked Event compared to the other launches since it looks stylish and reasonably big enough. The photos look like the mashup of fashion industry’s seasonal collection and although analysts would suggest that the photoshoot does not match up with the gadgets, it is curiously different to say the least.

The Two Incredible Smartphones!

  • Samsung’s big news was their two flagship phones, and with a new smartwatch, to be unveiled in September.  The smartphones includes the S Pen that feels more premium than ever before and includes the eject function, proving to be more accurate and sensitive than its predecessors.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5’s quad HD screen is the best in the market and includes a pixel density of 518 ppi with vivid colours and beautiful contrast. The Galaxy Note 5  has a Octa-core CPU and is a RAM of 4GB.
  • Samsung has also included fast-charging technology and wireless charging for better convenience. It includes a live-streaming feature too.
  • If you’ve held or even used an S6 Edge, you might be surprised at how easy it is to mistake the new, bigger version for its smaller predecessor.
  • The S6 Edge+ is just 12mm longer than its predecessor. It measures about 6.9mm compared to 7.0mm-thick S6 Edge.
  • The S6 Edge+ has a glass body featuring metal, and volume buttons on the left. It has an octa-core Exynos processor with 4GB of RAM running a slightly altered version of Android 5.1 Lollipop.
  • With 16 MP camera, it can really click outstanding photos. What’s more, it has a better battery with 3,000mAh and also features a tab on phone’s home screen that will let users to access the most-used contacts.
  • The Galaxy Note 5 will be available via AT&T at $739.99 (the 32GB variant) while the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be priced at $814.99.

Samsung Pay

One can use Samsung Pay by setting up your credit, debit, or any other card with the Pay app that stores your financial information securely with KNOX.

Swipe between choices for the right card, select the right one and then place your finger on home button for authentication through fingerprints, use a PIN and then place it at the payment terminal within the timeout period.

One can use NFC or MST (Magnetic Secure Transaction) tech and after a few seconds, the payment will be complete.

The Big Physical Hardware Keyboard!

The hardware keyboard is one thing that many smartphone users miss. The hardware keyboard was one of the most staple attributes of every smartphone, some years back but now it has disappeared completely from the face of the smartphone market.

Samsung is trying to blend the hardware keyboard with the latest slab-style phones and this feature was announced at the Samsung Unpacked Event. This would be the newest accessory for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ that bring back memories for people who longed for these keyboards since long.

The phone adjusts the UI when the keyboard is clamped down. Keypresses are sensed easily through the screen underneath, so there are no hassles involved with Bluetooth. One can pop up the keyboard when required. It can also be strapped to the backside of the phone for additional storage.

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