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The PUBG 0.9.0 Updates Have Been Released

PUBG fans started enjoying the newly released 0.8.0 back in September. It has hardly been a month and PUBG has revealed a 0.9.0 version last week. Along with the update, huge patch notes were also released. The changes and the updates were given out on the official Reddit and Discord server. The fans have shown great excitement to the newly released features and changes to the game.

The new PUBG updates are huge. This includes a bundle of new features, twists, and several bug fixes. There are night mode and Halloween themes that we will further talk about in this article. There are updates to the viewing angles, along with recoil recovery and strength in guns.

Erangel Improvements

  • There is a new addition of the “night mode” to the city of Erangel. The map of the city will be able to switch randomly between day and night in Classic Mode.
  • To help with the night mode, there are newly added night vision goggles.
  • There has been an addition of new buildings in certain areas of the Erangel city.
  • Some rivers have now got covers.
  • The empty areas on the maps have now been covered with trees.
In the settings, there is a Movie picture style which has been added. This style will be applied to all the maps.

Halloween Themes

  • The Spawn island, on all the maps, will be seeing a festival makeover related to Halloween.
  • You will be able to interact with members on the Spawn Island by the way of picking pumpkins and treats.
  • The enemies will be killed with Hellfire.
  • The AKM will turn into scarecrows.
  • Every time a grenade explodes, you will see a spooky face.
  • You will have 50% chances for activating night mood during the Halloween period on the game.

Weapon and Vehicle-Related Improvement

  • The new Rony pick up truck has been added which will only be available in Sanhok.
  • The vehicles will have a random music play feature which can be turned off using the vehicle settings.
  • The new QBU DMR can be found in Sanhok.
  • UAZ and Buggy have got changes in the form of engine sound effects.
  • The vehicles have a driver and passenger view in first person perspective. The vehicle interiors have also been improved.
  • When you crouch or stay down, the bullet spread accuracy will be reduced. The same applies when you are in a stationary position.
  • AKM has got changes. In that, the horizontal and vertical coils have been reduced.
  • The spread accuracy bonus of certain attachments will also be reduced.
  • Recoil recovery and stability will increase with Light Grips.
  • The new updates make the recoil animation look even more realistic now.
  • There are magazine attachment models in QBZ and QBU.
  • The first person and third person perspectives of reloading animations of several weapons have been improved.
  • Vector, SLR, and UMP9 feature 4x scope crosshair design.
  • The vehicle lights have been made better.
  • Sound effects on Dacia have been updated to make it sounds more like PUBG.
  • The vehicle driving mode 1 and 2 have a brake-button.
  • The character will be able to stand up while a motorcycle is in the air.

Other Improvements

  • The system will now find the teammates who speak the same language in priority.
  • The matchmaking on the game has been updated and improved. You’ll quickly and easily be able to find a match and reaching your appropriate tiers will be easier. Also, the estimated time on the game is more accurate than ever.
  • A player, even after being killed, will be able to watch the opponent till the end of the game. Players will be allowed to switch on bullet trajectories and projectiles when they are in room mode.


  • Lagging issues regarding change of equipment and noticing other players have been updated.
  • Game crashing issue and loading time of the game have also been fixed.
  • The memory usage in the lobby has been reduced.
  • The game update mechanism might point to the fail of the update.

Other Settings and Improvements

PUBG has brought some major changes in almost all the departments of the game. Some of them have been mentioned above in this article. Other changes include easy recognition of direction, a minimap has been added, quick switch between scopes, game brightness in graphics settings, improved recommendations etc. To know more about this, follow us at Nimblechapps.