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Did you notice these weird products at CES 2015?

CES is an innovative electronics and technology trade show held every year in the first month at Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas. #CES2015 was an instant hit in the world of technology and was trending on Twitter for about a week in anticipation of the actual trade show and then because of the success of the products displayed at the event held from 6th to 9th January.

We  have prepared a list of such weird products which saw the light of the day after being the subject of research for years and some of these products were accepted with open hands while there were some products which we wish we could roll them back.

Toshiba ChihiraAico

Just like we told you one of the most weirdest products of CES2015 according to us is the concept robot named ChihiraAico. You must have realised checking the name itself that when the name is so weird, how weird the product would be. In today’s world we smile at mirrors and mobile devices and not at actual humans. This is something we should think about and the goal of Toshiba’s ChihiraAico is to  achieve real heart warming communication just like we humans do, or we used to do prior to the smartphone era. This robot just moves like we humans do and will serve a greater purpose in and hospitality and service industries.

Melo Mind Headset

If you think that mind reading and interpretation is a thing we associate with distant future, well then either we have been transported to the future or it never was a device of future, as proved by some great innovators of modern times. The Melo Mind Headset reads an individual’s neural activity. This activity is then translated in the language of music. The electronic waves from our brain are transmitted to a mobile app via Bluetooth technology. What this does? It computes the amount of stress associated with it and produces two different kinds of music. One is called Relaxed and the other is Distractor.

Emotia Smart Belt

With increasing workload and stressful lives devoid of exercise and proper eating habits, here comes a smart belt which solves your problem of over eating, reminding you to move when it thinks you have been stationary for too long. Emotia Smart Belt automatically adjusts it’s size throughout the day based on how much you eat and what you have done in order to combat those calories. It keeps a progressive track of your health and also asks you to move when you have been sitting for long hours at a stretch.

There were many more weird products that were so weird yet unique that it couldn’t fail to catch our attention. We would like you to help us out with more weird products from CES 2015 and if you have weird products which we failed to mention then you can mention it in the comments below and we will surely update our article. Watch out this space for more updates and a list of products from CES 2015 in the days to follow.

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