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Celebrating 500 Days of NIMBLEness – The Story So Far

Nimblechapps Celebrating 500 Days

…and we are back again with the much awaited article on our blog. Yes!! that’s right; 500 glorious, progressive and successful days of Nimblechapps. You would be wondering why a person engaged in Sales is writing the story of completion of 500 successful days? Well, VERSATILITY is the virtue at Nimblechapps which we gain with the environment here. Being a part of Nimblechapps since the beginning, I have noticed the way we began our journey, the hardships we faced and how we overcame those with collective efforts. On this occasion, I asked Keval to allow me to pen down my experience and he who is always open to new ideas, at once approved my request.

Today as we lay this milestone, I feel immense pride to be a part of Nimblechapps and would like to take this platform to thank all the entities who were with us during this journey.

To Begin With…

I would like to thank our esteemed clients who put faith on us during inception days and it was for their trust and confidence that I am writing this article today.

I would also like to thank my beloved colleagues, who with their hard work and dedication earned this trust and confidence. These Chapps have worked hard, be it day or night to deliver the expected product.

Last but not the least, Keval and Rajiv. The two pillars of Nimblechapps who provided us the atmosphere and facilities we needed to excel with our performances. As Keval mentioned in our one year completion blog, myself and Dhruvil making an irrational choice of choosing uncertainty over security, on my and Dhruvil’s behalf I want to say “We knew that we were not choosing the uncertainty. This was bound to happen. This 500th Day blog was bound to happen and I am pretty much confident that this is going to increase as we move forward”. There was never a day where we asked for something and was not present the other day, be it work related or other.

Having spent few years industry, I can feel the difference what we are offered here compared to our counterparts in the business. I get to interact with each colleague being in sales, and not a single time I have heard the word boredom, tiredness and fatigue. Let me put it this way, our dictionary doesn’t have a place for such things. This is because here at Nimblechapps, we have a very flat structure of operation where the employee and boss share the same floor (not sure if Facebook heard us ;)). I haven’t seen any other company where employees work on one tab and are allowed to access the Social Media on the other. This and many such things what makes us “black sheep in white herd”. People not only work here but, also enhance themselves. What they arrive and what they become after working here, I have seen that difference from day 1.

Some companies envy us on this which means that we are in the race and moving ahead quite fast, in fact at a rabbit pace than others expected.

As we are about to enter our 501st day, I would like to take a minute and look back to the promises we made and what new we have achieved.

  1. Association with SmartPhone Biz App:

    As mentioned in our last blog regarding the association with SmartPhone Biz Apps, a UK based Enterprise Mobility Solutions firm. Well!! This thing is checked now on our list. All thanks to Mr. Atul Gupta, we are now associated with SmartPhone Biz App and over look the Development and Branding of the Company. Being the Director of SmartPhone Biz Apps, he has shown immense confidence in us and our team has been able to live up to that.

  2. Opening a New Frontier:

    It feels me with utter joy that Nimblechapps, has now officially stepped into the Branding and Marketing business and my!! It wasn’t an easy road to start off but, as you know challenging the tough and breaking the barriers is a daily task at Nimblechapps. We now have a well versed team for Branding and Marketing who not only carries the responsibility of Nimblechapps’s branding but are also living upto the expectations of our clients.

  3. Entering into the Embeddeds:

    What too many companies dream of i.e. working with the embedded system in this era but, aren’t able to get the opportunity. Well!! I would really like to boast here a bit, as we are lucky enough to get this opportunity of working the Smart Devices, and by smart devices, I am not pointing to Smart Watches☺. Luck favours those who take the risks.

    Credit here goes to Rajiv. Man!! He can do wonders with his Mac. What for others could have been a nightmare, he pulled off the demo within two days and on the third day we were on board with the Smart Kitchen team becoming the official development partner.

    Today, through this stage I would like to convey that we have now entered the world of embedded systems and are developing an App for the Smart Kitchen Devices. These devices will improve the cooking experience as a whole. With the tools featuring in CES 2016, it’s not too far when Nimblechapps would be the first choice of companies in this domain.

  4. New Address:

    One can notice a frequent change in our physical address☺, it’s because we always want a bigger place to accommodate the increasing strength and the day is not far when we would need to convert a Barn into an office. Yes, we are now 22 and still hunt is on for best talent out there…..

The Facts:

Few facts I would like to share about our organisation and its presence on Social Media.

  1. More than 5K fans on Facebook.
  2. 3.5K followers on Twitter and still going strong.
  3. 12.5K Pinterest followers.
  4. 478 Blog posts.
  5. 245 Guest posts.

These are the efforts of past 500 days of work and hard toil that we have collectively pulled off.

Today when I look back to 1st December 2014, I can see Rajiv and Keval working on their first project and today we are working on our 95th project. From 1st to 95th, the journey has been wonderful and I would like to thank our employees who have made it possible. We have made great relationships and association which will go for a long.

Finally, I would like to sign off by sharing words from Robert Frost:

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.”

A lot has been achieved in these 500 days when I turn around and see, a lot is waiting for us to achieve it. This is just the beginning.

Thank you for being a part of Nimblechapps, to all the readers, clients and colleagues. To the splendid future ahead and success. Stay tuned as we write the new chapter of Nimblechapps.